What’s your edge among all your competitors? And how to win and still be on top of the game?

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  • Dear ...,

    It's nice to know that some people take the right steps in order to get a higher quality for their guests and staff.

    However I think that on one point you're doing the wrong thing:

    9. I am doing a revamp for my website. I hired a new marketing team to make it more appealing to prospect clients. I am also re branding to make sure when people talks about Malapscua Island they will think of my property.

    For a website to be attractive for customers, you need design and UX, not marketing.

    For you to have a recognized brand, you need to be a leader in something in your area, by far from other properties. Maybe you can find something that only your place can offer.

    I wish you good luck,

    Zsolt - www.thuild.com

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    Thank you Zsolt of Thuild. Part of the revamp I am doing is actually a new web design. He knows also the UX thing and I have separate people working on web development and SEO.

    We are also working on it to be mobile since majority of the bookers esp on the spot or the day booking will book via mobile.

    Once it’s up and running I’ll have google ads. But first we will do everything to prevent bounce rates and keep them on our website until they book with us.

    As to branding we are also brainstorming with my marketing team to have an edge among other backpackers. Something that only us can offer and of course maintaining that positive vibes, great energy, homy place and nice and vibrant atmosphere.



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    Corinne Orde

    I've only been going for three months, but already I've discovered the main reasons why guests chose my B&B above the others in the area: the photos and my blog. People like the personal element. It doesn't matter how trivial the news item, people like to find out little secrets about a place. They love a bit of history, or mystery, or something unusual which gives a sense of adventure and something to look forward to. If they know there's a friendly person with a caring attitude they will feel reassured. I've had guests coming here because they wanted to see the new dog they'd read about on the blog. Or to catch a glimpse of the deer in the garden. The first thing two little girls did when they arrived, was to ask where was Georgie the ginger cat was because they'd seen his picture and they were dying to meet him. Others wanted to meet Jemima the white goose. A place populated with named creatures, and small snippets of news help to tell a story, and make a place seem alive and thriving. That's what guests like. They won't go somewhere which seems neglected or uncared for. Getting people to book is all about giving them information that will draw them in and excite their curiosity. Interestingly, I supply the basics and I don't do enormous fluffy bath sheets, free toiletries, complimentary biscuits or anything like that, but people don't mind. What's far more important is a warm welcome with a smile, a helpful and caring disposition, and a flexible attitude. Guests are often very nervous when they first arrive. Sometimes they're tired and bad-tempered. By the end of the stay, they are relaxed, happy and will give you 10/10. That's been my experience so far.

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    Corinne - Love your Blog and website, congratulations on your success, your place is so inviting.  I enjoyed reading your blog - I must admit I only have three rooms and don't know how you cope with all the laundry - I too went the two night minimum route, it just didn't seem worthwhile on a cost benefit analysis.  Bookings dont seem to have suffered since I did that.   I'd love to be able to make bread as you do but again its just two time consuming for me. I bake off frozen croissants so you still get the gorgeous smell in the kitchen. Did you set up your website / blog yourself, and if so, what platform did you use please?

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    Corinne Orde

    Thank you Dave. Yes, I created my website by adapting one of the hotel-type templates on Wordpress, and using various plugins. I am so glad to know that bookings haven't suffered as a result of imposing a  two-night minimum stay. That is very reassuring to know. 

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    I guess it depends on location though - so if you are near an airport for example, one night stays would be a huge part of the bookings. It’s somthing you can easily test out though for a month and review I guess.

    i can’t do Wordpress I don’t think but will look into it...thanks

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    We creat a website to see more information . mostly we advertise through oral . we do not worry about our compitaters because our way is  quality service for guest. 

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    Just advertise through Booking but I am on trip advisor too, I would be too overwhelmed otherwise.

    I make my place stand out because I offer a lot more than all the other places in my area. Some apartment dont even offer tea or coffee, but with me they get 10 different types of tea, coffee, hot chocolate, biscuits, sweets, cereal, real milk, jams and marmalade, oil, vinegar and in the bathroom there are deodorants, body spray, mouthwash, hair spray, Q-tips, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, hand cream, and not just little sachets, these are all full size bottles. And there is no waste because I use whats left in the bottles myself and replace with full ones. All my guests are amazed by what they get for the money, and because of that over half of my guests are repeats.

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