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    M Adamopoulou


    Tarawatergate1. welcome to the forum.

    If you search for Value Deal you will find this explaining by

    A ‘Value Deal’ is our way of highlighting rates that offer guests good value for money. It’s based on comparative data and is completely automated – so you stand out to guests without needing to do anything extra.

    Your rates are great. Your listing is outstanding. 

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    The mechanics of this value are complicated. It is your advantage that you have such a good tag.

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    Tara Watergate Hotel

    Thank you very much both of you. This is really helpful we did't know it was automated. Thank you again.

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    How do you set a great value rate ?

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    M Adamopoulou

    Hi Pinklotushealthcare welcome to the forum please read above, as Katerinka12 explained it is automated. Take care.

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