How to deal with dodgy guest's false review? Why Booking does not publish my response?


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    Leandri Klopper

    Hi 5799322 ,

    Sorry to hear about your struggles. 

    Your response is checked before they approve it. Are you sure you confirmed to the guidelines? Maybe it was declined? Did you receive correspondence from as to why they declined it?


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    M Adamopoulou

    5799322 Welcome to the forum. As Leandri said did your response follow the guidelines? Even though you had a negative review with positive response you can change the review to a positive one.

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    My response comply with all the guidelines. Eventually, they publish them after 4 days deliberately delay. They spent lots time on reply my message  rather than read and post my response to the guest. That  gave plenty of time for the dishonest and negative review to miss lead the potential guests. I have no booking since :(

    what is the benefit in favour of guests and treat host unfairly ? what is the benefit Booking can get if host business is damaged

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    review is allways a "dangerous", "sensitive" topic. I currently have 6.6 over 72 reviews ... Some are fair. some are really nice to read and get and unfortunatly there is also the dark side with bad review of 2.5 that are fully in line to destroy your business, what you do and your efforts on top of beeing unfair. I have also notice that even if you renew the unit and can ask to remove reviews that are not anymore in line with the unit (renew) or not making any sense anymore they do not bother to remove it till the 2 years period. What I have learn from it is that when nowadays I still get bookings (less then before with a better rate) and a customer complain about something that he dislike or ask for a refund bcs of this or that I just tell that we have fill all the description in details 100% (Property page score and there is no room for gap between what he selected and what was offer even if some will still build expectations or dream about what they wish and get) and with a average review of 6.6 and the fact that the guest can read all the review he should know what expect and there is no space for fraud about what he pay, describe, offer, quality and so on.

    It is also painful sometimes to see that you may have done everything perfect and nice and cheap and so on and so on and some will still barf on you in the review.

    On the score the guest still have the last word but at least you can still reply to his none-sense and keep things clear for the next one and with the time may be not select who comes but with your reply the no-wanted may also not book and you will be able to build your target customers as well in match with the "spirit" or features of the property.

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    Leandri Klopper

    Hiya 5799322 ,

    Oh so they take a while to publish it? Thanks for your feedback, that's interesting to know. 

    Perhaps the reason why you're not receiving bookings has nothing to do with this one bad review. We're also very quiet, it's November .This is the quiet season, we always struggle to get bookings during this month (every year). 

    I've seen small and big properties survive and prosper with one or two horrible reviews on their property. If however All of them are bad, then you have a problem. But you don't! So I would say, shake it off and push forward with a smile. The rest willl follow.

    Best of luck!

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    M Adamopoulou

    Hi 5799322 my reviews and responses sometimes take more than ten days to appear.

    As I was also worried explained to me that sometimes it takes to long. I do not think they do it deliberately they have nothing to gain.

    Most partners here with experience suggest not to be so sensitive about reviews since guests sometimes  just want to find something to complain about.

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