Two properties next door - joint profile??


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    Leandri Klopper

    Hi Ska ,

    Oh no. Firstly, welcome to the forum! But secondly oh no. 

    This is a the type of query that comes up a lot and sadly there is a resounding wall that everyone always hit when they want to change/combine properties that are loaded as seperate entities. 

    According to my knowledge, no. There is no way of combining them now as you can't Reload a property (eg. you delete it and load it again). You also can't combine two properties already loaded. 

    But, here is my suggestion. Speak to your Account Manager, he/she might have great tips on how to help you with this. You can find his/her information on the extranet -> Inbox -> messages -> Scroll down and their contact details will appear on the right hands side of the screen. 

    Sorry about that! Best of luck, let us know if I have the completely wrong information please :-)

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    Sara Jarvis

    SkA I Saw something useful on another website that I copied when I wanted to add a room to mine

    It worked for me

    a London host had a large ish listing called. A) 

    he then listed a second listing which I call B and mentioned A) in his description.

    He is always sold out in both.

    i don’t know if this would work on Booking, but I use it now on ABB for extra rooms.

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    Many thanks for your input!


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