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    Bandara Hotels & Resorts

    Dear Ratreeseangnamg,

    First of all please note that is forum is where partner get together and help each other. I do not think that Mr. Morten Larsen will be able to see this post.

    I ma not sure where your property located. But I assume that is in Bangkok if yes you can try this number  02-058-5855 or 02-058-5828.

    And can I know more which payment you want to opt-out. So I might be able to advise you more.

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    We have opted out of pre-pay for the same reason coupled to no virtual card capability.
    When BDC first introduced it we were not even told until the first booking. That's when we jumped on it and killed it stone dead. That first booking took over 3 months to be paid.
    Second place just listed and we informed the finance department that we would not be accepting pre-pay. They confirmed within a couple of days.
    Be sure to direct your message to the finance department, they are the best of all the departments for straight answers and reactiveness.

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    I need to know if commission due from is credited in my account.

    Flipflops beach shack 


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