Fake gradings by other local hotels and Booking.com ignores !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    I must admit to not knowing BDC's policy on this but I do know some of the other OTAs grade hotels on their facilities/amenities. 

    Most call us a 3-star so we go with that. One, however, gives us 4 stars which I strongly disagree with.

    In this country, at least, Hotels may give themselves as many stars as they like on their own site.


    In your case it could be the old expression, if you can't beat them, join them. That way you level the playing field. Just be sure you are actually offering at least the same levels of facilities and comfort as your local competition.

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    Thanks for your reply but it’s not a matter of us joining them as we are the ones with 5 stars and they are giving themselves a fake 5 star rating and taking bookings away from us
    Booking. Com are ignoring my request to investigate this

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