Does care about smaller properties?

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    I've worked with for a couple of years now. I haven't had any major problems with them other than it being hard to reach customer service by phone.

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    M Adamopoulou

    Hi Blueridgemanorbedandbreakfast and welcome to the forum.
    Great to hear that your partnership with is beneficial for you. Thumbs up!!!

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    Maggie Brown

    It has been over 5 days since sending my 1st message and I have just sent my 3rd message regarding the same issue. Thank goodness the reservation involved is not until June!!!
    Find trying to figure out how to contact BDC by email a HUGE AND TIME CONSUMING CHALLENGE.

    Also. ...... Continuing to wait for my 2018 Award/letter as promised!

    Not a happy customer here at this time.

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    M Adamopoulou

    Hi! Maggie-Brown and welcome to the forum and congratulations for your review. I am certain that your review is on its way. Mine came 10 days ago.
    Wish you well...

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