B&B on BDC: We don't fit the model

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    I do not get the "rate intelligence" report - is it something you subscribed for on the portal?

    I share the same issue on the prices infact we are no longer part of the preferred partner program because we did not generate enough business and the irony is that we used to put all our business through bdc!

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    Thomas Joseph Lynch

    Hi Jay: I get the Rate Intelligence Report daily through what BDC calls the "Booking Suite". I don't think you have to be a preferred partner to get it. 

    However, it isn't that helpful to me because it is driven exclusively by price and compares me to regional hotels/motels that are all standard cookie-cutters with 50+ rooms and by an interstate. 

    Again, BDC is an ineffective model for B&B's because we are apples to oranges. 

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    Gillian Davenport-Lang

    We are a small exclusive B/B but we find it frustrating as well as BDC seem to compare all small properties against larger hotels, motels especially on the rate intelligence report but also with some B/B they do not offer what we do and charge accordingly which is confusing when you compare the report against another property.

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    Thomas Joseph Lynch

    Hi Gillian:

    I beleive there is a niche for a separate booking site that is limited to and curated by B&B operators and owners. It would be a welcome change to be compared to and with other B&Bs, to be able to charge accordingly to customers who look for and appreciate the unique B&B niche.and to have a network of cross-referring locations 

    I will continue to explore such an option.

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