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    Martin Muscat

    I completely agree with you Vince. I have noticed that anonymous reviews in the main are bad reviews that guest wont put their name too. 

    I recently had a guest who originally booked for one night 4 weeks ahead of time then wanting an extra day two days before there stay. Unfortunately I could not accommodate him. I tried to find somewhere else, but Christmas time is just about impossible. Guest was upset that I could not accommodate. My average score is 9.2 and this guest gave me a score of 5.8 lowering my total score to 9. should see this discrepancy and remove these scores especially with no names are attached.

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    Vince Cooney

    Mine was worse, average 9.6 then a 2.9 but since then all 10s. How rediculous that we cannot find out why the bad score

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