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    I would suggest MyAllocator chanel manager (you can sync several channels BDC, AirBnB, Expedia, Your website...) and it also features a free booking engine (widget):


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    Hello Pibomarco...

    Thank you for your reply. I only have 6 bedrooms so I will look into it especially the reviews.

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    Will it allow the client to pay or it will show availability only?

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    It allows the client to book instantly.
    With Book Now! app there are three options to choose from:
    1. Do not take payments
    2. Only take credit card details
    3. Use PayPal for confirmed payments

    At the moment I take credit card details (but I don't charge the card). 
    My booking policy; "the deposit can be required at the time of booking. You will be notified if necessary."

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    I just had a quick skim through their site, it looks viable and is definitely far more cost effective than most others.

    Our load has increased this year so we are thinking of a CM as a time saver.

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    I don't imagine working without CM at all. One of the best features for hoteliers. 

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