Double reservation

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    Aaltje B.

    Hi Karen


    Just in English, since most can't understand Dutch. I am a Dutchy in New Zealand. 

    And I am a host , just like you. 

    Your request came through on the forum page, where hosts exchange information. 

    If you want to send a question, login into the Extranet of BDC and to Inbox. From there you can see a space to fill in your question(s). 

    This is on your personal computer. 

    I understand it is not quite the same on your phone / app . 

    * Anyway, your question.

    When you have received a double booking you are obliged to find a space for your guests, whoever you think will accept the newly to be booked place. It has to be of similar look as to what he or she would have got at your place. 

    I hope the booking is not today or very close to today, so you have some time. 

    If you can't find something similar, you may have to arrange something more expensive and you pay the extra cost. 

    How come you receive double bookings? if you are dealing with Airbnb, you can to a non-direct no instant booking, so guests have to request first. 

    You block on BDC the day they want to be booked, and then arrange the Airbnb one. And you have time to do so, since Airbnb people must request first. And of course, when you get a booking for BDC don't forget to block the Airbnb calendar - date(s). 

    Airbnb platform is the only one - as far as I know that does allow for request to book first. so NOT instant. You can keep your instant booking of Airbnb but then risking the double bookings again. 

    I have both and use it the same as explained. 

    Hope I am not too detailed. This is something I have learned pretty quickly becoming a host. 


    Zo , ook weer geregeld. 

    Heb een fijn weekend! 



    Aaltje B. 






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    Aaltje B.

    ......correction for Karen: dealing with Airbnb, you can change to a non-direct, not instant booking.

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    Aaltje B.

    How did you get on Karenroy?

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