BDC not syncing the calendars - UGH!!

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    M Adamopoulou

    Hi!-Glennroy111 very sorry to hear about  your double bookings.

    BDC syncs calendars but not always on the spot.  A few days ago I had a reservation from and my AirBnB calendar was not synchronized immediately so I did it manually.  When I complaint about that to BDC they informed me that  sometimes the system is a bit slow,  so we have to be carefull and always check our reservations.

    Doing it manually saves you from struggles....

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    With numerous properties, I expect the company to sync automatically.  BDC was not "talking" with the other sites for a long time.  They are the only ones I have issues with.

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    M Adamopoulou

    I agree with you completely. Even for me having only one Studio it is frustrating when sync is not automatically. Double bookings can occur and that's awful....
    Maybe we should all send requests to BDC for better sync....

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