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    Aaltje B.


    Officially they can't have another person in the apartment. 

    It is a learning curve. I have made the same mistake.

    If you really really don't like the third person to stay, you can mark it in many ways in your listing

    Second, you can take a photo of the two beds that you have and write in it 2 persons max.

    The message may be clear. 

    Your extra visitor can stay on an extra mattress or airbed, something you borrow quickly. O yes and let them pay extra too.

    But this being the last time, since people always try to find a small hole in the hosts net. 

    The more clear your are in your listing, the less problems you will have. 

    Hope you can be creative this time, since it is so late notice.

    If it were more then two weeks apart, I would answer sorry, you have to cancel, since I have max of 2 persons.

    And you have a good excuse.. 


    Hope this helps. 


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    Hi, thanks for the reply.

    I have made my listing very clear that only 2 people can stay and it is not suiable for children. There is no bed settee just a couch and the pictures show it all very well. I don't have access to airbeds or anything like that so I can't offer it.

    My guess is that they were going to just turn up and expect me to be OK about it and if I wasn't then one of them would disappear until I finished the check in and then come back when I left. I have contacted BDC and they have cancelled the booking. I hate to lose the income but I didn't feel comfortable about it.

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    Aaltje B.

    Pfew Des, all sorted! 

    I am glad you don't have to worry about it anymore.

    What you did is the best!

    New guests will come.

    But frustrating that people keep trying even though your information is clear from your end.... Maybe add in your description that any bookings for three people will be cancelled by BDC. See if that helps.

    Unfortunately, you are not living on site, so hopefully, new guests will be honest and show up with two max only. 

    Fingers cross.


    Thank you for your reply Des.



    Aaltje B. 


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    Strange! The guest called me to say that they had arrived and were unaware that the booking had been cancelled and that I had answered her question about an extra bed not being available. She then told me that they had brought their own airbed for the third person!

    Now I'm confused.

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    Aaltje B.

    Yes, it looks like they were prepared since they brought the airbed.

    They will have to pay cash now and you have to block the day? 

    But indeed strange that they didn't receive the message. Or they are ignoring, or they haven't read their phones well. I find that many guests don't read their phones regularly. That is frustrating.

    I am in an area where there is little reception during travel, so people use that as an excuses. But messages should come through and situations are updated quickly. Frustrating hey! 


    Wishing you wisdom



    Aaltje B. 

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    M Adamopoulou

    Hi Deseng64 and welcome to the forum.
    What a story you shared with us!!!It looks like your guests were very well informed that you had no extra bed available. That’s why they brought their own air bed.
    Guests can be very difficult to deal sometimes.
    When a guest of mine insisted on bringing more guests I had no choice and I just charged him for extra bed although I didn’t like it at all. Next time I will not allow it. Period.
    Wish you well.

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