Probably My Last Post to this Forum* - What is the most frustrating part of ?

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    Hi Mike, mabuhay! is already the most complicated system to understand. When newbie opens extranet he thinks to run away... 😊Most people can't even read rules and conditions of their own bookings. And look what happened to Airbnb. The developers already can't clean their own code, they keep overwriting it and that's it - Airbnb became complicated, with difficult usability, loading slow and not working on many devices. For instance, I can't use their Multimenu on my brand new phone.

    The one thing I have learnt, that no matter of improvement, you will still have to monitor, change, etc manually and daily.

    If I understood right you want to have 3 kind of rates. Did you check Rate plans? You can set % there.

    If I were you this is what I will do. Task: create 3 rates - weekday, weekend, high season. Make the difference in %.

    How to: make weekend rate as your Standard rate. Apply to whole year. Go to Promotion and create Basic deal. Set up % of discount. Choose to run it only from Monday to Friday.

    So, you have 2 rates now - weekday and weekend. Now, you have to add high season. Go to calendar and specify the dates. Don't forget there is also Bulk option in Calendar.

    And now what left are public holidays. It's better to open now Pulse app. As changing rates there is super fast. Keep calendar of public holidays on your computer monitor. In your app copy paste new rate on desired dates. I don't think it will take more time than through csv file.

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    Thanks - I will try this.

    In fact it's 4 rates. Weekday, Weekend, High Season weekday, High Season Weekend...  ( and my wish was that it was possible to set this - in 4 steps... ) - but I do not think it's possible...

    Question - For Public Holidays... I can select multiple dates? - and set the price once ? or do I need to change them one by one ?


    Also - I'm also curious,

    What do you find the most frustrating, annoying, or difficult task to get done. ?

    I look forward to your reply...

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    Hi Katerinka12

    Maybe you already answered my last question... 

    " Multimenu on my brand new phone."


    So, may I ask...

    What is Multi-Menu ?

    Or - Did you mean...  Multi-Calendar ?

    Also - What model of phone?  iOS or Android ?


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    Bandara Hotels & Resorts

    I know that you are quiet frustrating at the moment. Ofcourse we can help your here explain step by step but it will be very long conversation and take long time.

    I would like to suggest that you should call your market manager and ask for full training system. After that if you still have question and want to know more tip & trick. We are happy to share with you.

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    Hi Bandara (H&R)

    sorry if my question was not clear...

    I'm asking people to 'share' what they find 'difficult' to do on

    - and i am quoting one example of mine.

    in the hope that we can start a conversation with developers to 'rethink' how the software works.

    - I know this is a 'Host to Host' forum - so i'm asking 'Hosts' what problems they are having...

    I hope that gives you a better understanding of what I'm talking about.


    and - Sorry for the 'Dramatic' Title... I was just trying to get some 'attention & feedback'...

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    Bandara Hotels & Resorts

    Oh sorry for my misunderstaging

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    Bandara Hotels & Resorts

    For us currently we want to improve about promotion tools to be able to offer same promotion with other ota's to keep rate parity. Such as promotion for specific country (not POS discount that current available), separate promotion for mobile only with member only.


    Also for pos discount we want to be able to see and control by ourselves as well.

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    Ok, thanks for your feedback, can you clarify...

    Can you be specific - What platforms are offering these promotions - So i can go and see the details.

    ( When you say - POS - what does that mean ?  see and control what data ? )  

    Mobile Only = only visible to people using Mobile Device ?

    Member Only = ( discounts for 'members of  - this site? )


    If these new features were developed, but at a cost, what do you think hey would be worth to you ?

    Example: All the features you wanted - but you are 'locked in' to an agreement of 20% commission for 6 months...  What would you say to that ?   and these features would only be available to people paying 20%... ( exclusive for 6 Months )

    - This is only a conversation - to see what you think...  if enough people wan 'change' and agree to 'terms' - then we can try to make 'changes'...

    Everyone else: *** Please don't start shouting at me  - that 'BDC can afford it - and it should be 'FREE' !! ***  - this is just some idea's...




  • Dear Mike,

    I'm writing this reply to the topic of this post then I'll get into the comments.

    1. Your pricing depends entirely on the your local market, which you can check via the RateIntelligence tool. If not, you can research it yourself. 

    This is a sales and marketing issue, not something technical or BDC related.

    2. You can set up all that you've mentioned via a Channel Manager. If I'm not mistaken, you can also manually do this in your calendar:

    You can set up the weekend prices here, also the you can set up your high or low seasons according to the timeline.

    Zsolt -


  • Katerinka12  - It's not the most complicated one. Try working with the HRS extranet. That thing is super retarded how it works. It takes me, who is technically versed, quite some time to set up things or find anything there. Zero UX in that extranet

    If you set up % rate plans which are linked to standard type rate plans, in the case you use a Channel Manager, it will be a daunting task to get them mapped correctly. I advise against it and better to make it on the Channel Manager side, which you fully control and can correctly map.

    MikeM  - With public holidays, again, it's best to use a channel manager where you set it up much better and you can send that rate to all your channels, thus creating an easy to manage rate parity overall.

    But you can also set it up in the BDC extranet, however this will be done manually.

    Bandara Hotels & Resorts - You already have some of that available, look here:

    That will be used for mostly mobile promotions. Then you can also select this:


  • MikeM  - now for the most frustrating thing to use:

    I would say that the most frustrating thing is that you cannot search in the Reservations tab after the guest name! This is a must to have in order to ease the process. It can also help you identify frequent bookers who come through BDC.


    Zsolt -

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    Hi Zsolt, thanks for your feedback.

    and "Search by Guest Name" is a very good idea.


    As for the other comments - I'm afraid you misunderstood what I am saying...
    - I don't need help using the software, i am suggesting how BDC can make it better.

    I do not use a Channel Manager.

    I am simply suggesting a very 'simple' it could be to setup a range of prices - based on a small amount of data, in a few simple steps...   this is a suggestion to BDC - how to make t easy edit rates - without the need to use a channel manager.   -Making BDC 'Better' on it's own.

    ( Edits will affect all 'open rooms'... that have not been manually 'edited' )

    1) Set a 'Room Rate'... $XX.00...   ( this will be the rate for any 'open' room. )

    2) Define my 'weekend' days & Rate...  Sat / Sun.. .  + X%   or +$$

    3) Define 'High Season Rate'    + X%   or +$$

    4) Define 'High Season Start'    Date...

    5) Define 'High Season End'    Date... 

    So If I then open up the same rooms - 6 months into the future... the 'rates' would be calculated as above - not just 'empty'...

    Simple - Right ?



  • Dear MikeM ,

    They will probably not move much in this area because most of the partners use a Channel Manager and then setting up things in the extranet will become redundant.

    I've mentioned it above, you can currently do those settings and I don't see why it would be difficult. Maybe more UX friendly, yeah, but the functions are there.


    Zsolt -

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    Ok, thanks for the feedback.  

    Lets hope they are interested to make the software more user friendly - even without a Channel Manager.


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    Mike, yup, Airbnb multicalendar on Android.

    If that will be just training or bunch of customer service representatives... Developers are huge expense.

    From my understanding Airbnb collects complaints and suggestions of people what should be improved or changed. And then they do it.

    And with Booking I can't understand do they even want to improve. I have send several suggestions and didn't even get reply. Why?

    For example, my units are located in city within city. However, it's only bigger city mentioned on site. Why they do not want to put a smaller city name as well? Strange. They demand from partner correct address and superstrict on verification, when they don't do anything to develop option of entering correct place (city).

    Bandara, Genius discount works for promotion with specific country (not less than 10%).

    Zsolt, I can't see Deal of the day. I heard that some partners can see it 2 times a month. Out of curiosity I was checking everyday and there is none. Why?

    May I know what channel manager are you using? Can you give me a hint?

  • Not sure why you cannot see those.

    I'm using Siteminder. I find it to be the best at what they do and how stable the whole thing is. Also the amount of options it gives is great.

    Zsolt -

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    Leandri Klopper

    Hi Everyone!

    MikeM , thanks for posting. 

    I'm just gonna jump in with what I would like to be added as it does make me itch:

    (Keep in mind, I have a Non-refundable Policy where a full prepayment of the full amount can be charged at any time. Clients can decide between paying online, providing their card details or booking without a card). 

    The most troublesome thing I'm experiencing with at this moment is two fold:
    1. Getting bookings cancelled where the client has made a reservation without a Card. 

    Currently the steps for cancelling such a booking is: On the Extranet send the guest a Due Date of when amount is due, the banking details, the amount that is due in the correct Currency. Then you must wait for a response from the client. If after 24 hours the payment has not been made, you have to Phone to have a friendly consultant cancel the booking. 

    Now I love a good chat just as much as the next person but I sometimes have more than 5 reservations to cancel at a time and being on the phone that long is counter productive. Also, if I forget to send the message or to phone the next day then they will not assist. So the whole process gets extended by another day which is risky considering that if you forget to cancel that booking you will be charged commission if you Also forget to mark it as no show.... plus the unit won't go back onto your availability. It should be more of the quick, more of the instant for me. I get why they give the client 24 hours, but then they must maybe have a notice or perhaps a button you can click to remind you. 

    If the developers could make a little tool that could help us cancel bookings without having to mark a card invalid, eg cash bookings, then that would make my life so much better.

    The second part of what hinders me a little:

    2. Under analytics I am not able to see the Ratio between "Clients paying via card" and "Clients paying EFT".

    Because of this lenthy process I described above, I am Heavily considering making my property open to Card payments only. But what if more than half of my guests paid via EFT? There is no place for me to mark it where it pulls through onto, nor do they have a list we can pull to see how many people loaded cards onto their booking. I'm sure I can go and check and work it out myself, but with 4 properties live on the system, it will take me a good week to get all the stats myself. 

    Furthermore I am super happy with and their System. Massive learning curve and I kind of felt a sense of achievements when I got the hang of it. 

    Happy posting everyone!




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    Bandara Hotels & Resorts

     Thank you for your comment buy what I mean is I want to do promotion that available only for Mobile only. Or promotion that only for member that using mobile (not apply for member that use PC website). I believe that at the moment cannot offer.

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    Hi Leandri Klopper , thank you for your detailed feedback.

    if I am successful in my efforts to connect with BDC developers - i will bring forward all these topics and hopefully we can get some of them added as upgrades to the BDC Platform.

    Hi Bandara Hotels & Resorts - I think that is already possible to create a 'Mobile Only' promotion.  [ I will check - and confirm. ]

    I am curious, what 'advantage' or reason do you wish to promote one price to people using mobile device ?  ( I can guess - but I would like to know what your reason is. )

    Hi Thuild - thanks again for your feedback - Myself also like Katerinka12 I can't see 'Deal of the Day'...

    Maybe this is a 'Regional' not a Global Promotion Feature ?

    - Can anyone else confirm ?

    This is what I see...

    This is what some of you see:

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    Hi Bandara Hotels & Resorts

    Maybe this Promotion - is for Mobile Only ?  - but I think it is also related to 'Date' of the booking...

    I am not sure if this type of promo - will also be visible to people using PC website.

    Please keep me updated if this promotion is useful for you.

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    Thanks everyone for your posts..  This is the 'High Quality' feedback I was hoping for.

    Anyone else who has other types of problems, please share... 
    ( with as much detail as needed. )

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    Bandara Hotels & Resorts

    MikeM This one is only for last minute promotion type. Which can be select for public or member channel. But it cannot do only for mobile channel only.

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    Can the developer at least simplify this platform. It’s way too confusing and not user friendly. I get it, need to read thoroughly and understand what I’m getting into, right?  but it’s 2018 and people move with speed. Right now, I’m like running in a maze.  I’m getting dizzy. 

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    The most frustrating part is it keeps switching between pulse, website and app. Headless chicken running! 

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    Hi  Bandara Hotels & Resorts - thanks for the feedback. 
    Ok, I will add your request to my 'Wish List' of features we need.

    Hi - Calvertong - thanks for your feedback. - Yes, it is 'Very Confusing', for first time users - right ?
    It could be so much more simple...   Please keep me posted with problems you are having.  Just curious - where in the world are you ? as this is a wonderfully 'global' community.


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    Bandara Hotels & Resorts

    MikeM thank you.

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    “it could be so much more simple” Yes to that!

    Apps or any platform should be fluid. Not another pain in the you know what when using.

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    Leandri Klopper

    Hey Calvertong ,

    You will feel really proud of yourself once you have the hang of it. 

    Maybe mention specifics on what you think would make it simpler?

    It was a lot to take in but now that I get the system, everything makes sense to me and I can make a Wish list, as Mike calls it, as to what would make it better.

    Keep well!

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    Hello Mr Spence,

    Press on the blue button "Connect with other partners" on the main page or go here:

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    How to post a NEW TOPIC

    Click - " New Post "

    or go here:

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