Probably My Last Post to this Forum* - What is the most frustrating part of ?

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    Mr Spence

    Hi Mike, are you using the platform to create your rates or aN Agency Calender, someone who provides you with a platform to fill in the blanks and they then push out your rates to the OTA's

    If it is Platform, then what you are seeking can be done with a little time and effort I am sure.

    Where are you based ie UK, Europe, USA, Asia.............. my email is on my web site at the foot of page 1

    Keith Spence UK

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    I created this forum post - with 1 question to all... ( and I included an example of what I find frustrating. ) - I am not expecting to find a solution to my problem.

    Mr Spence, I'm happy to help...

    You said you looked - everywhere....  but...
    If you look on the front page of Partner Forum... ( see the blue button? )

    " Welcome to the Partner Forum "

    [ NEW POST ]  !!


    Also - seems a little unfair - to complain about people posting 'off topic'...  
    When you, yourself just posted 'off topic' ? 

    This is a 'support' forum...  So lets all be 'Supportive'... 

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