My first fraud (trickery) after more than 1000 guests

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    Hi. I had my first fraud credit card issued was stolen luckliy i had charged the card and my bank alerted me . I approached the quest politely and asked him did he know that the card was fradulant he of course had a great excuse. I had said you cant pay so please leave. During the time i had my bank speak to him directly on the phone yo watch his reaction . He left without incident
    So i decided all checkins must have the credit card that they purchased
    With their name on it and photo id
    So will not get caught again
    I notified the police and learnt we must have their address so have altered my booking procedure to have all contacts numbers and addresses. You only learn by mistake you make
    But it would help if booking com had all transactions virtual card. And let us decide our policy of cancellations
    As they apply rules that limit no refund policy

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    Sorry to hear about your experiences guys. Totally agree to share our bad experiences especially to avoid others suffering. Card frauds are on hype near December.

    I had a bad incident, Apparently, an overseas caring husband booked through for wife on his card so the card wasn't present at check-in. He was joining her later on.

    Reminders and reminders were sent to see them to confirm card but it took 6days and when we gained access to the apartment it was ruined. Payment on the stolen card was called back. We didn't have husband/main guest ID either.

    Shock in 1st year.  Loss of earnings, damages, and Trust.

    We learned our lesson a hard way. 

    Now we check all cards at check-in along with photo ID. Especially when guests address doesn't match with card transaction.

    We keep picture of ID until check out.

    we keep Transaction receipt for 1 month. can take rent on our behalf but then guests show up without means to pay a deposit. It wastes time and ends with the low review score.


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