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    Villa Soumela

    That's not very nice to hear. ...I am thinking of joining it too.

    How much do they charge for reservation?

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    Their extranet is not the friendliest in the world, overly complicated without reason.

    Customer service is erm, patchy.

    However, for us they have risen from being a poor also-ran to our number three provider (BDC #1, direct #2) without detracting from others so we have extra trade now.

    If you really want a headache try Agoda! The biggest mickey takers out there at the moment.

    Fancy a sudden 20% discount slashed off your rates in high season just because they feel like it? Agoda is your go to! They also, here at least, have the very worst support(sic). A few Anglo Saxon expletives spring to mind when their name crops up..... frustrating to the enth degree. (they used to be ok but the last year or so has seen them spiral out of control)

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