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    We are aware that some of you have encountered issues downloading your award.

    If you are experiencing issues while trying to download your digital award you can now try again by visiting the dedicated Partner Help section: Where can I find my digital Guest Review Award.

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    Guest Review Awards 2017

    Greetings to all,
    For me today is a great day!
    I received a prize that made me even better than I was before: Guest Review Awards 2017!
    What is it about: about a year ago, I decided to place my property on!
    I did not know how hard it would be, but I sure knew one thing: that I would meet beautiful people from all over the world who I could tell how beautiful is our Romania and especially its capital: Bucharest.
    There were ups and downs, it was difficult, there were obstacles, but I was convinced of one thing: you have to fight for what you want and you like!
    It has been a lot of work, hours of insanity, a lot of restlessness, but it definitely deserved!

    Today and at this hour, if you decide someday to do the step that I did, I can tell you one thing:

    "It's hard, it's beautiful and it's worth it. Be sure of yourself and what you do!"

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    Wow, your hard work has really paid off. 

    Thanks so much for sharing your story here in the Partner Forum. If you have any tips or tricks for your fellow partners, we would love to hear them. Create a new post in here so partners can learn from all your amazing advice :-) 

    Keep up the great work in 2018! 

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    Thanks Brooke for congratulations!

    The only secret for those who have chosen or will choose to do what I do now is: perseverance and love for what you are doing!

    Even if you fall today, shake yourself tomorrow and go on!

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    Melanie Holdener

    We received an Email today saying we have won a guest reward 2017.

    When I try to load it down (clicking on your link) it says - "it appears you have not won a reward this year".

    Could you help me with this?

    Thank you

    Kind regards



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    Suneet Jain

    Dear Brooke,


    We just received a mail from stating we have achieved a 2017 Guest Review Award. Our property name is Hotel Fortune Plaza, Ajmer (Rajasthan, India). I am unable to download digital award for the same. Its says "it appears you have not won a reward this year". Can you confirm and let us know how to download the digital award so that we can share it on social media.

    Awaiting Response.

    Suneet Jain



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    I have the same problem as the replies above.


    Best regards,


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    we have the same problem :-(


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    Thank you for our second Guest Reviews Award here at The River House Dungloe in the majestic county of Donegal in Ireland.  It is always nice to be recognized by our guests for the hard work we put into making their stays as perfect as possible. Both our B&B and Hostel received the same scores this year and I am looking forward to thanking everyone who helped make this possible. Always remember - Be Kind to Strangers and look at what you do from the perspective of a guest - it will always be appreciated.

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    I have the same problem...It tells me the same but i got an email saying congratulations and my ratings are 9.7 and 9.1 so I should of qualified.

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    I would like to thank all the people who have made it possible to win this prize!
    Another secret: always when you receive guests do not forget to smile!

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    Maureen Brown

    We have the same issue as many above- while we received an email, when trying to download the digital certificate it says we did not receive an award this year.

    Glitch going on?

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    We are also having the same problem. Can you kindly advise?

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    We really would like to thanks everyone! We are super happy and proud of ourselves

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    Thank you to everyone at and to the community!

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    we have the same problem

  • 2017 was the first year I opened up as self-catering apartments, I have 4, but only one was open this year, now working on the second apartment to be open by Easter, it's a big project but I love it. This made my day, I was actually feeling quite sorry for myself thinking about all the hard work and this makes it all worthwhile. 8.7 out of 10. I always add little extras and the guests get the best linen and I try to make sure it is very clean and be friendly and helpful, of course! Thanks so much for giving me this award, I love you all!


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    We are having same issue.

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    Let's hope gives us some award winning customer service so that we can all download our Awards!

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    Studio Mov, Mamaia, Ro

    I have downloaded the electronic version, but I have another problem: Last year I did not get the physical version. From I was told that the package was sent but never came to me. I mention that I have the same postal details as in the past years when I received this award. Hopefully this year I will receive it.

    Thank you

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    I have the same issue as many above- while I received an email, when trying to download the digital certificate it says we did not receive an award this year.

    Glitch going on?

    Also I have 17 properties listed with and have not a clue which property has received the 2017 Award as it does not state the name or ID of the property.  When you go on the extranet there are no clues either.   

    Please help.

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    Villa Ivy Crest

    Thank you to and the team & the community from Sri Lanka !!  Villa Ivy Crest just received Guest review award 2017 !!

    Our theme is  Your second home !!!

    When we travel to another country we need someone who does more than just handing over keys. We had enough time to share things with our guests & listen to their stories & give them unique experiences such as Colombo Cooking Class. We know a journey is best measured in friends rather than miles. We have plenty of unending, interesting, and intimate chats with our guests. We are willingly waiting for their next stay with us so we can continue our chat from where we left last. this is our story !!

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    M Brijker

    I have the same problem as mentioned above. What is the problem?

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    Haywood Ivanda

    Dear Brooke and,

    Thank you very much for the wonderful Guest Review Award 2017 which I received today!

    We opened our doors in April 2017 and were blessed in so many ways since then.  It is hard work and requires a lot of dedication but we love what we do and truly enjoy to host every single guest who visits us. We made a lot of friends from all over the world and we look forward to meet many more in future. Our motto is to always give our very best to our guests and to make sure that they are happy and comfortable at all times.  Thank you very much for posting all the wonderful reviews from our guests and for all the advice and great service that you offer!

    God bless.

    Amanda Haywood

    Ivanda B&B

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    I've tried to download the digital award from the link in the email and the site says I didn't win one. Which is correct, the email or the site?

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    Greeting to all.

    We from Junika Bayou Lagoon Studio at the Bayou Lagoon Resort Melaka, Malaysia. Just received congratulations email for Guest Review Awards 2017.

    Thank you to and everyone!! 

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    nice joke :)

    same problem no award, no download, only forwarding to help site ...


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    Radomil Serafin

    Hi guys, 

    Same problem here, let us know.

    Thanks for all your great work.


    Apartments Lipno Serafin



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    Beverley Hendrick

    Thanks Art House is the proud recipiant of the Guest Review Award 2017. This is my first time recieving this award, and im sooo thankful and excited words cant explain!! Id like to take this opportunity to thank all my guests over the years who have made all this posible. i have downloaded the electronic version sucessfully and await with pride to recieve the physical award.

    Thank you for this wonderful partnership and the acknowlegment, better things to come!! looking forward to greater succesess in 2018.

    Be bless

    Art House 

    Parkland South, Kingston Jamaica 

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    Hashem Burdini

    Hi All...

    Greetings from Aqaba - Jordan

    I think our beloved guests who visited and stayed in our hotel give us the chance to win the Guest Review Award for 2017. Many thanks for those you received our great services as well giving us more support to let all our guests feel home and more. 

    We couldn't downloaded it but we are glad even that we felt we are giving more than we get :) ... Award or no Award just it is great inspiration to be thanked by others via


    Amir Palace Hotel - Aqaba

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