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    SIU Mansion lODGE

    As per customer special request we shall confirm before their arrival to our place by message they are really appreciate our support

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    Cindy Galpin

    I am new to and would like to know how to activate this new facility for guests to ask questions before booking?


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    Vikki Nyc

    Where might I find the opt-in?

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    Whitehouse Srilanka

    I am new to and would like to know how to activate this new facility for guests to ask questions before booking?


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    Blagoje Supic

    I receive message from but the option is still no active. They are just starting with this.

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    Cathy Ross

    I also would like this option as it could stop cancellations.

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    How can we opt in?

  • I haven't seen this before. Hopefully they will roll it out in my region too.

    I do love the idea with the cancellation guarantee they are experimenting with, when they try to find a new guest to book the canceled reservation. However I'm yet to see this working.


    Zsolt -

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    Can introduce a system of payment like EFT   (electronic funds transfer)

    this is very popular now a days 


    Sand & Sea Namibia 

  • Sand & Sea Namibia,


    They already have, just maybe not in your region.

    However, you will need to be able to process Virtual Cards in order to have this option active. They do not wire you money.

    Each booking made with this prepayment method will include the card details in the reservation.

    Cards can be charged after check-out.


    Zsolt -


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    Prefer payment, MINUS the commission via bank transfer ie. AIRBNB, HOMEAWAY etc.

    Payment is up front from guests to BDC but booking partners receive payment after checkout....MINUS the commission. would deal with the guest directly....receive their fee up front and bank transfer the balance to the booking partner once the guest has checked out.

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    To be honest I find it just as easy to email the guest (via the extranet) than to have it automated. That way I am still in control and can mark any informaiton on the guest booking rather than taking it for granted that it has been done.

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    Probably not.  I think automation looks like automation.  Prefer to send email followup to booking and then again the week before covering off the regular q&a before they get there. We have a small property so the personalisation is important.  For large properties tho, I think it is a sensible feature to offer.

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    Hi I am new to this forum, been with years. Just had a guest phone me he had been charged twice for his stay! He had paid, I take payment before guests arrive, which I did in this case. Gave the guest his receipt when he arrived. Few days later he telephoned me to say I had charged him twice, I thought he was confused, I explained I had taken money from a card from not his card, I said if he looked the last four number wouldn't be his, they were! booking .com had given me his number not theirs. I will now be more aware of this in the future. 

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    Definately. Anything extra to help create bookings are a big Yes to us.

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    Hennie's Rest

    My deposit payments are done by Nightsbridge, If I check the credit card details on some numbers are blanked out or cvc number missing. Question is how can you use his card without cvc to take payment?? How can they pay and then charge card? Did I miss something on payment options?

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    Adelmaartens offers many options, but they are not all suitable for people with holiday homes. A nice feature would be to have included:

    Breakage Deposit - Many guests gets a surprise when you ask them about when they are paying the breakage deposit and then want to cancel. 

    Late/Early Check-ins - This is an expense for us and would be nice if could make an option to charge extra for it.

    Golf Carts - An additional extra charge. (We have a golf cart, but only let paying guests use it to avoid abuse).

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    Please do not forget that in South Africa, won't allow you to accept EFT payments from guests. It would be nice if guests could make the payments via EFT directly or with Credit Cards. This would avoid many cancellations. 

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    My opinion, things that can be asked that are simple and standard, this is a great feature. ie. bed size. smoking policy, parking arrangements. This will be great. However I still think a personal email goes a long way.

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    Hi, why is there a post that EFT payment either for deposit or full paymetn is not recommended or allowed by the guest?



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    I received a message from a potential guest recently at about midnight, when of course I am sleeping. She didn't wait for me to answer. booked the apartment, then unbooked the next day. I got a distinct feeling this was a problem customer. I couldn't answer her anyway because didn't allow that to happen.

    But the chance to answer questions from potential guests is probably a good one, that might stop some of them booking the rooms without the facilities they require.

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