Do you leave personal note cards in each room for your reservations? A goody bag?

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    Optmize Vacations

    Yeah we do.

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    Leandri Klopper

    Hi there!

    Our properties only give out Goody bags or small presents on special occassions. Like mothersday etc. But normal operating procedure is giving the client a feedback card upon check in. When they check out they return it to us and then someone phones them afterwards to discuss. 

    We also have welcome drinks (juices etc) on check in days, and have a lounge set-up in our reception area so that guests already feel at home!

    Keep well. 

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    Asad Chaudary

    Hi - We want to give our guests the feeling of living in a home with extended family and provide a welcome tea and homemade cakes/biscuits for them on arrival. In the room, we provide a welcome note and a folder with useful information about the city as well as services we offer. There is also a guestbook in our reception area. 

    If a guest has notified us about a birthday or anniversary, we try to provide a cake or fruit salad as a nice surprise in the room. 

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    All our direct reservation guests receive a bottle of cava at check-in and all our non-direct reservation guests who register their reservation directly with the hotel (they are given this suggestion in their reservation confirmation e-mail) also get one. We tried to add the free bottle on BDC but they said that it wasn't possible on the extranet - we could only offer free wifi - which we do to all guests.

    As the group that owns the hotel also owns various restaurants and bars we are able to offer guests varying discounts in these venues depending on their type of reservation. 

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    I would love to see the option on BDC to add a bottle of prosecco or chocolates etc as a BDC client upgrade but unfortunately BDC only seem to be money orientated ie. by offering discounts, which we have never done and we shall never do!

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    N Sarmento

    I always leave a bottle of wine, a bottle of water, shower gel, shampoo, shower cap and disposable shoes. I think providing this extra level of detail and attention will contribute to our customer´s happiness and return. 

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    WoW!  Yes, I should hope so, N Sarmento!  That's excellent.  Managing a boutique hotel, we don't have the staff to implement some of the WONDERFUL things, adding those "extras", as you all do.  We are completely serious in our zeal to give great customer service we all we can to let guests know how important they are and to feel at home here.  As we grow and improve, we'd like to do start adding some personal touches for each guest, thus my question.  I so appreciate your sharing.  It really helps getting an idea what other hosts provide as a routine.

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    Veronika Group

    We always leave a business card and a few chocolates.

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    Every guest receives a promotional code for discount off their next stay

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    We always make a tray of tea or/and coffee with homemade cake on arrival. When the weather allows this is often served in our garden. There is also homemade cake everyday when they come back from the guests day out. More importantly a warm welcome and a relaxed atmosphere. Guests need to know that we want them to have a great time and that we care about their experience.

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    We give every guest on departure a little lolly bag it has our contact details and linkages to our TripAdvisor / social media pages to encourage reviews. It is a very welcomed gift and quite a surprise for many considering we are a small motel. We also have complimentary water bottle in the room.

    The little extras you can do create a point of difference and of course are factored into the rate.

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    We have a 115 room property so writing personal notes for every guest would be a job on its own! However, when we get note that a guest is celebrating a special occasion, our reservation team would work with our front desk and F&B team to ensure they get a WOW response when arriving.

    Sometimes we even send WES our robot butler ;)  

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    We are trying to welcome quests by offering traditional greek products in a beautiful basket. 

    We have written a thank you card with our names and personal phone numbers

    We give them also Santorini' s maps for free

    We give them our leaflet with our suggestions where is better to go 



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    Christine P.

    We give chocolates and a small note with meaningful quotes during turn down service not only to BDC but also to other OTA guests. 



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    It all comes down to the type of accommodation and service level being offered as to what freebies one should offer.

    I think properties should be categorised so guests know the levels they are paying for and welcome packs should be standard.  A person paying less than £100 a night for an apartment in the UK (for example) shouldn't expect a lot of freebies whereas someone paying upwards of £140 should expect a decent welcome pack. 

    Regardless of price Free Wifi should be standard unless you are in the middle of nowhere where you pay a premium.  Personally, I think the wifi service should only be mentioned if its a chargeable service.   

    When I travel and look for an apartment,  I look at the accommodation and where it is, I'm not interested in whether they provide a bottle of wine or chocolates or even scones on arrival.   I would see this as just a gimmick. If it was offered however and I wasn't expecting it, then that makes a good welcome, depending of course if I am travelling for pleasure.



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    M Adamopoulou

    Hello everybody!!! Since Greek hospitality is our first thought we always welcome our guests with drinks (wine, ouzo, juices) and of course offer homemade traditional greek treats. My little grandaughter always leaves a personal drawing welcome message to our guests.We also let them know that we are always available to service them. At the end of the day we give them a departure gift consisting of Greek herbs from our personal garden.

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    Hello there,

    Greetings of the day to all!!

    We believe that the best opportunity we get to share or exchange any such valuable information is mostly at the time of "Check-In" and sometimes during "Check-Out" - both these occasions should be very well attended with much attention as they will always have most leading impact than giving any goody bag, sweet candy, business cards.

    We started the practice to not Check In any  of guest over the reception counter and instead we guide them to our fairly small lobby area to make them feel relaxed while enjoying their welcome drink and view of pool and have conversation for 5-10 minutes and during this course they get Checked-In as well, this opportunity we take in exchanging important information and links to stay connected be it social media, whatsapp, wechat, digital business cards etc

    Most guests do not prefer to fill out their contact details these days due to several reasons  and many of them will end up giving you incorrect email address, isn't it. Stay on their mind, you will stay on their list



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    We 'value add' every stay. We leave a personalized 'Happy Apple' bottle of champagne in the fridge, along with local milk, freshly ground plunger coffee, tea, biscuits and bedside water & Belgium chocolates.

    We also leave a bucket full of timber, kindling and firestarters for the log fires.
    It all adds to the WOW factor! :D

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    Adagio Accommodation - Nera

    I prepare for the guests:

    1. map of the city cetre,

    2, promo booklets, with information about the sights worth seeing, museums , galleries, important events arround the city etc (preferably in their language) All materials I can get in Croatian Tourist Office.

    3. bottle of water, and juice in the fridge

    4. coffe and tea

    5.basic for meal prep like oil, vinegar, suggar,flour, condiments

    6. some sweets and chocolate treats in the bowl on dinning table

    And try to give them a warm wellcome no metter when they arrive. And they a ready to start exploring Zagreb the capital of Croatia,

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    Yes we have a personal message card in each room, saying Thank you and letting them know if they need anything please do not hesitate to ask. 

    We have complimentary coffee/tea and goodies in the office/reception area as well. We let the guests know this when they check in. For the guests that are checking in after hours, that we offer this in the morning as well. This also gives us all a chance to have a little conversation and to make them feel welcome. We love hearing their stories from all over 

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    No, not in the Room, Goodies are all in the Dining Room. But a note of Welcome is on the Desk for all. My Rates are very inexpensive  so I don’t feel the need for Wine or such in the room, especially if the Guest does not partake, or may be in Recovery.

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