How can you be listed as a Bed & Breakfast if you don't offer breakfast?

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    Hey Matt, a BnB can offer a room rate only just like a hotel.

    I just stopped doing breakfasts. I never charged for them and  it was free but found too many people were abusing it and taking food away to eat all day long. One particular couple just pushed me over the edge during the summer, they ate more than the cost of their booking. 

    I have learnt people don't appreciate what's free. So I have stopped doing breakfast but if guests want to order breakfast then it will be provided it will cost. 

    I have a selections of about 10 teas/coffees and brioche/croissants that I provide for guests now and its in the guest sitting room, they can have that. 

    My life is 10 times easier now. I wrote to about 20 guests and asked would they prefer breakfast or lower room rate and all 20 said lower room rate so for now, that's what I am doing. My days involved shopping, baking as well as running the cleaning/admin side, just too much for one.


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