Max occupancy should be 2, not just 1. HELP

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    i found the solution but it still not what i want.

    i change the price by number of guests (on the calendar page)

    for 1 guest is Standard price, and for 2 +5 THB more.

    so it is show on preview that capacity change to 2 guest.

    i think it should have other way to make standard price for 2 guests.

    but i don't know how to adjust it.


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    I have a similar problem, I want my base rate to apply to  2 persons , and charge a supplement for extra persons per night.

    I can accommodate 4  but cannot change the base number on booking .com

    I suppose, I will have to put in my listing the details ...base rate is for two and  any extra persons , a supplement per person per night and check, when there are more than 2 persons booked.

    I would suggest,  Weil-ich-dich-liebe, that you do something similar. 

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    M Adamopoulou

    In your Property tab go to Policies and then scroll down to Extra bed & crib options. There you can add beds, extra price per person.

    This is my policy.

    Extra beds
    • Children 16 and under stay for EUR 10.00 per person, per night when using an available extra bed.
    • People 17 and up stay for EUR 10.00 per person, per night when using an available extra bed.

    Hope I have been of help...


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    Thankyou, M Adamopoulou for the help , I had not found the extra crib/beds bit !  It is still a little confusing but think I have managed to complete . 

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    M Adamopoulou

    I agree it is confusing sometimes.  You have to search everywhere but searching gives you solutions to different matters.

    Have a nice day Centerfrance...


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