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  • I'm pretty sure you will need to contact via the Extranet Inbox and ask for this there.

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    How can i remove my property

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    why want to remove from any bad experience?

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    I also try to have us unlisted and can not find straight answers ?

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    Vivek Agrawal

    I just want to remove my property from It is a fraud site. 

  • Vivek,

    Why would the biggest OTA in the world be a fraud site?

    I have explained it very straightforward what you need to do, yet, you still aren't reading it.

    Zsolt -

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    Vivek Agrawal

    It just have no scanner/filter for continuous fraudulent bookings. They just appear without any consideration/prepayment; though mentioned as a condition. is interested in just commission invoice without partner help.

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    Vivek Agrawal

    There is no straight answer even

  • Straighter than this you cannot have it. Contact BDC to close your property.

    On the other hand, it's your fault that you get invoiced for fake reservations:

    1. You do not mark them as no-shows

    2. You don't have or you don't process cancellation or no-show charges

    So don't blame the platform for your incompetence.

    My humble opinion to you.


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    Vivek Agrawal

    Your language itself is too rude and rough. Blaming partner isn't good. Please look at the history wherein issue regarding bookings without prepayment was flagged. 

    Be sombre.


    What is BDC?


  • BDC is Booking(dot)com

    You still don't get it, do you? We are not employees of BDC and this is not a customer service forum, it's a partner's forum.

    I am not rude, just trying a different way of explaining because surely, the nice way that I tried before wasn't working. So rough talk it it, seems like you're paying attention now.

    I get it, English is not your forte, I ain't a native speaker either, but if you can't grasp the simplicity of the situation, I cannot help you further.


    Zsolt -



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    Ken Eagleeyes

    Bud you talk the most crap one can ever listen to. In my opinion book is a scam and Cates for nothing. More than their pockets y should someone have the burden of no show hitting when booking sending all the hits and hope you don't respond . last evening they said I had persons in my place for 2 months straight full of do fisperate they don't remove your site well they can kiss my

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    You are not protected with I had people use my unit for 2 days they broke my lamp, left the place filthy dirty with bear bottle all over, I had complaints from the neighbours about the noise they booked for 5 people yet the tenants said there were over 8 people. The damages and cleaning costed R2500 the person who booked now does not take my calls ignores my email, sent them emails they ignored that too, and I still had to pay R450 commission to people are not screened I would rather do my own advertising, I too am battling to delete my unit off the site please advise how I go about this 

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    Advertise on Airbnb instead. There you can rate guests and contact hosts where guests stayed before. You can see feedbacks of guests years after they stayed anywhere. Crap people are thrown out from that site and cannot make bookings there unlike on
    I am withdrawing all my properties from this site!!
    A guest just cancelled on my on the same day after receiving the instructions and codes how to enter my property then booking sending me a message that the charge is €0 according to my cancellation policy(??!). At no point I have set up this cancellation policy on their site!
    I have been renting my property for over 5 years now so I do know how to set up cancellation policy. The last one was for 7days cancellation for free what I changed to 30days because of the so many cancellations on
    I noticed people from countries required visa to EU are constantly cancelling. One guest wrote to me that they only need this reservation for getting the visa to EU.

    I have an absolutely disappointing and disastrous experience with

    They respond days or even weeks later for anything and guests are totally random people. And now doesn’t even honor my cancellation policy I set up on their site??
    No! Thank you! It’s enough!!

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    Patrick L Harvey has been hassling me about getting verified for more than a month. I have explained exactly what the situation is, so then they want me to upload my passport, which I did. Then they wanted some other information then they want my passport again. Sorry, rooms all deleted, all pictures gone. Not honoring reservations they won't pay me for. Worst. Website Experience. Ever.

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    Cynthia Dereknoel

    I'm quitting too. I won't give them my SIN number so they won't pay me. Not worth it. Airbnb has been a flawless experience. bye bye

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    I agree totally with John's comments, I have found this site to be impossible and I just want my property off here. It should be possible without waiting for to do it. I found the web pages extremely un user friendly. I have never had any problems with AirBnB and will be just sticking with them. Everything is far more under your own control. Having said that I'm still waiting to see if I can get my property off this horrible site. I have messages general inquiries and will see what happens.

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    I called to close my property for two weeks because I have a problem with heating system and in almost winter here. What they told me? I will have to pay between 500-1000 euro for booking that are supposed to come in next period.

    I though they will appreciate that I'm calling to tell them, instead of cancel all and close.

    What do you think, guys, about this behavior?

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    Of course, I told them to delete my account, I will rely on hostel world and airbnb, they are cheap and bring most of the customers.

  • Dear Wilhelm,

    You can also play that game. And you can tel them the scenario, how it will play out:

    Guests will arrive and you will notify them of the issue and that you did tell BDC to cancel the bookings because of this, however they didn't want to comply, so let the guests sort it out with them on the spot. 

    You can receive the guests in the conditions that are present, because you simply cannot cancel their bookings or fix everything in time.

    I guess angry guests is something neither you or they want but it will save you the 1000 euros.

    Another thing you can do is notify the guests and let them know that they can cancel free of charge. (this is always the best method to deal with such situations)

    If the guests don't want to cancel, then let it be as it will, the scenario above.

    Best of luck,

    Zsolt -

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    i have listed same property 2 times on mistakenly so i remove one property anybody help me?

    Regards Alpine Pasture Guest House Gilgit Pakistan

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    Borisova Polina


    i have 2 same properties. 

    How i can delete this one: 4699751?

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    HI ,i have registered 2 properties,i want to remove property no 4492512

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    Property ID: 4865662 has been listed in and I have difficulty delisting it. I request immediate removal.

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    I just add new property ID- 4746347  and go live. But I added that one for testing and get to familiar with application. But unfortunately I add that one with my real property name, address, details etc...

    I want to delete that property because of Need to add real property.    There is no any booking or reservation for that property.

    Is there way to remove that property from listing? Looking forward to correct solution. 

    Thanks in advance.


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