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    Hi Gail and John

    We are a retired couple who put our house on Airbnb and Lekkeslaap. I am in the process of registering on Booking.com. (actually, they phoned me twice from Rome to hear why I haven't activated my house yet.)  Reading your comments, I am very hesitant....



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    Yes we have the same experience with some of our guests.. There is not even enough time to prepare the holiday apartament for the next guests . It will be very great if there is option also and host to write a comment for the guests too..

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    Blagoje Supic

    I agree that guests should be reviewed by hosts also becouse then they will be more respectful of your place. For now you can only ask for a security deposit in order to compensate for the damage caused by negligent guests.

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    I agree Supic and this works really well on the AirBnB site. 

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    I have had over 150 guests stay in a 7 month period and not yet had a bad experience like Gail & John's..but I have previously given feedback to Booking.Com that we as hosts have the abilty to rate guests. I use another NZ website to book my personal holidays and I get rated as a guest by my hosts. There have been a few people through my B&B that I would have like to known their previous history.

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    We had our first guest from bookings.com and they were terrible. Fristly i never heard from them before they turned up, even after me emailing them a few times before arrival asking them ETA., then upon arrival they asked for an extra bed ( which is NOT advertised on the website) and they were lucky we had one, ( with no extra charge), we said to them check out was at 10am as we had another guest arriving and had to clean before they went in there, but on the day they were leaving they REFUSED to leave at the discussed time which set us back a few hours, and had to pay extra for the cleaner...... NOT HAPPY!!!!


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    We have had an excellent run of guests / guest reviews until a few weeks ago...the guest who stayed at our property (Bed and Breakfast) has said it was not value for money and that it was advertised as a ‘hotel’
    I can’t see anywhere that states it is a Hotel at all (especially if you look at our photos,it’s very clear to me that we have a little Bed and Breakfast on the back of our private property)
    I wish I could word what I wanted to on booking.com like I can on Airbnb! But booking.com take control of the way things are worded.
    The only part I can see where our guest may have been confused 🤷‍♀️ was where it says ‘Hotel Policies’
    Does anyone know if the word HOTEL could be changed?

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    Barr Aj

    I've had many lovely guests stay who are very respectful of my property but they have a three or four that I would very much like to comment on for the way they have treated the accommodation (arriving with kids unexpectedly, refusing to leave on time in the morning check-out, overflowing the bath two nights in a row, squirting oil onto the hot barbecue on the verandah so flames shoot up). Other hosts need to know what they may be getting. Instead, these guests can leave and make a negative comment about the accommodation and we have no way to defend ourselves. Fortunately the great guests make up for it but why should others be able to get away without any consequences.

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    We are very disappointed with our guests this weekend. They said that their arrival time was between 2 and 3 o clock yesterday afternoon. They arrived at10.30 last night. Not fair to our lady who welcomes them. She said that there was sooo much mess this morning with broken bottles and glasses in the lounge. She said that the lady guests were rude to her. The men were nice.
    We are not happy to have guests as these

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    We had some bad guests in our London flat. The guests were smoking marijuana and cigarettes in the living room and bedrooms and left the cigarette butts on the sofa arm and nightstand in the master bedroom. In addition, they also damaged the fan in the master bedroom and lastly, they stole two bottles of fine wine from the owner's fridge. When we reported to Customer Service, quote by quote they wrote to us: "I apologize that there isn't much more that we can do from our position between you and the guest. " Throughout the process, we felt strongly that booking.com has trained their customer service to push the hosts around. All they care is they get commission paid. 

    We also use airbnb and never had this happened in three years we are on airbnb. We have now requested to terminate the contract with booking.com and delist our property. 

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    Does anyone have any tips from removing make-up stains from sheets? Cheers, Tim

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    And yes I'm with all you guys, firstly this would have to be the worst site to navigate and ask for help on, I can't tell you how many questions I've asked and not received answers for. Secondly our guest never responded to pre arrival emails either, rude as, actually I lie, they were allowed to arrive at 12, lunchtime and when they weren't there with  no communication by 6.00pm, I told them that I was locking all doors at 9.00pm if they wanted a shower and something to eat it had to be done by then as we would be in bed at 9.00pm, surprise surprise they arrived at 7.00pm.  However the next day they borrowed my guitar to take to the beach taking advantage of my kindness and generosity, they said they would return it in 2 hours. after 4 I started messaging them to no avail again, after 7 I started asking questions on the site and guess what no support there either.  What the ***, I am going to do my next guest but after that I'm deleting this site as I don't like being mucked around by "partners".  anyone know of any other accomodation sites that I can go on, I'm all ready on Airbnb and they are fantastic, no problems at all from day one.  Shame on Booking.com, had so many dreams with this...

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    Aaltje B.

    Hi Timothy<  Removing makeup stains from sheets : 

    I put stain remover soap on the specific spots on the sheets and soak in cold water for the night. You can also add some baking soda to the water. and a bit of salt. 

    It is not the nicest job in the world, and very time-consuming and sheet consuming, I know!

    You could offer the guests make-up remover in the bathroom. I add it myself at the farm stay so people get the hint.

    Also cheap ideas online to make this remover yourself. 

    Hope this helps, 



    Aaltje B. 



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    From all the above comments as well as my friend trying to complain and booking.com changing his words. I think I will delete my listing

    not worth the chance, I have had no bad experiences with air bnb as one rates each other

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    Aaltje B.

    Hi Pula

    Oh dear... I work with Airbnb too and know what you mean. 

    Keep asking BDC for a new feature of being able to review guests. A ton of people have already requested and it is surely listened to. I hope they are creating this possibility for us soon. (not for Hotels, but that is a different category) 

    I don't know how big your property is, but I would certainly set up a deposit before booking as a cover for this. 

    Ask BDC if they have this opportunity for you. 

    Most of your bookings would be from BDC so it will be good to stick with it. 

    You could also block the partying in your house and have families only. You can change the settings for this accordingly. 

     I am sure you would still have enough requests for bookings, since half of the guests that book are families! 

    Good luck with your hosting adventures. Wishing you all the best! 



    Aaltje B. 



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    How does one delete ones listing....,,,,, not very easy as i have searched for ages,,, also, why are all these comments from a year ago,,, where are the current discussions ?

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    Aaltje B.

    I can only see two comments by you Pula. But the older ones could be under a different category? 

    If you want to delete your listing you can do that to contact BDC via Extranet. 

    not via us, since members of the forum are hosts, just like you. 

    Hope this helps.



    Aaltje B. 

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    M Adamopoulou

    My dear Aaltje B. always trying to help fellow partners...
    Hi! Pula, nice to have you here. There are so many categories so many topics in this forum that might interest you.... Search in the box above by topic or keyword.
    Wish you all the best..

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