How to set up certain check-in days for a caravan

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    Setting certian days is pretty striaght forward - Rates & Avaiablity > Open Close tab and close the room on the Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday etc for all future dates to stop arrivals on these dates. This will mean you can only get arrivals on the Monday/Friday. With the minium stay it's a bit tricker but you can defiantly set up a min stay the quicker option would be via the set resistrictions tab then you can do it for every Monday going forward for example with a 3/night min - This will at least stop you getting one night bookings and random arrivals.

    The problem you would check with your account manager is if theres an option for maxium stay days so you could clone your room and then have seprate min stay options.

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    Good question and relates to all holiday rental type properties be it caravan, yacht, great little property or huge mansion let for set periods.  This reply doesn't really solve the underlying issue sorted by ABB and Home away - recently purchased by BC.

    Not every property on BC is a hotel with staff on site and multiple rooms.  BC is wooing holiday lets in a big way because of ABB's success.  It doesnt appear to understand (yet) the hooiday rental market.

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