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    I've had this problem and I've spoken to Booking.Com about it.

    It seems Booking.Com computers take some time to update after you remove a synced calendar. So it still appears on your system.


    It should have sorted itself out by now.

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    Lady A

    Hello, did you solve this problem?


    I had the problem with synced calendar as I paste the link to my airbnb page and checked calendar once again- there were completley wrong dates closed then. I have redone it later, but it was the same- for example, some date which is booked on was open on airbnb, and there were completley different dates closed on airbnb calendar. 


    Did anyone had these issues?

    Also, is it secure to open instant booking on airbnb, at the same time with the instant bookings? How accurate can be this syncronisation?



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    Sasha Barac

    Yes, I also have problem with calendar synch beetween airbnb and in Perth, Australia. Initially, in Aug when I created the synch links between the two they seemed to be only out of synch for few hours, then a month ago they would not synch for over a day, so I manually blocked the dates, then they seem to be offset, now in Sept they do not seem to be synchronizing at all. I posted a bad feedback to now.

    The funny thing is that I have another property in Spain and the synch of the icals seems to be working without hickups.

    Maybe there is an issue with time differential of the Australian servers, maybe an issue with software itself, because I notice that European system has fantastic automatic payments via, whilst the Australian is all based on the partner capabilities of charging with e-credit card payments.

    I hope there is a software bug reporting system in which will resolve this issue, which seems long outstanding.

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    When I try to sync my calendar with Agoda and AirBnB I get a 'invalid date' message. I have 7 properties and it's the same error for all of them. I also tried to erase the calendar links on from both Abnb and Agoda and copy/paste a new fresh links but same error over again. 

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