Shall I charge extra for guests who use all the available beds?

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    For me, they are using linen you have have to launder and therefore should be chargeable. I would leave the unbooked beds with no linen, just a waterproof slip and a pretty on top, a runner for example.

  • Thank you,I will ask BC Custoner Service if they could put an additional charging box of the extra Beddings.

  • Delayed 2 or more hours check in. Instead waiting I hide the keys & ask my guests to call me when they arrived. Only then I tell them where to get the keys. I made this system when I waited for the guests until 3:00 AM as supposed to 1O:00 PM.checking in. It works because it takes away the frustration time being waisted.

  • Does anybody experience what I’m experiencing. And if so how can we solve it.
    I own a Self Catering Accommodation. Check them in & I leave my guest for their privacy. Sometimes I spot check them in the evening in particular. There would be a couple not booked using my sofa bed. They brought their beddings. These extra guests did not pay and not listed either.

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    Bay Motel

    Yes - I have had many people book a double bed and then proceed to use the other single bed in the room. At the time it was easier just to make the bed and put up with it. This year I have decided to put a system in place.. I ascertain their bed preference at the time of booking and if it is for a queen bed, I leave the single bed unmade with the bedspread on the top. I am trialling this for a time to see how it goes - it may be difficult in the busy season but should save on extra linen and extra housekeeping.

    I too have also had people avail themselves of our showers when they are not booked in as guests. I do have a note asking that all visitors check in at Reception first. If I was to find extra people in my room like you, I would have no hesitation in asking for an extra payment. Can you remove the sofa bed easily?

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    Charge different rates for different occupancy. Its very easy with Booking! Check some hotel listings. You will see how they put small figures of people (signs) of 2 people, 3 people, 4 people, 5 people, etc and different rate for each. Use Booking help, they explain it in Rates

  •  I tried to ask extra fee for extra bed above what they booked but I got a sulky face from the guests.  So I did not charge them at the end but I must Booking.Com to specify these extra bed charges.



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    All guests register.  Only registered guests allowed beyond a certain point. Say it's for Fire rules/ council/rules/ insurance rules.....

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    No sulky face, never! is actually best site for all those little things that matter. From number of guests, extra charges to curfew hours and minimal age of guest! Booking is really very good.

    Just work on your listing. Create different rate for different number of guests.

    If guests resist to pay, then show them your listing with Your Rules. Normally they will pay. Remember, people respect clear rules. If you didn't write that you charge extra, then why will anyone pay?

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    Lucky Pete

    We charge our guests 100% of the tariff at booking or 60 days out, which ever is earliest.

    During check in we have them sign a small set of rules that clearly states no additional guests nor non guests visiting. That seems to work pretty well for us.

  •  Somebody booked for 4 only.  I have 2 beds. They said 2 of their family is joining them for 2 days . I did not charge them extra at all. When I went to visit them first thing in the morning there were 8 of them.  They open my sofa bed and took, used my beddings without cover.  Sometime, I overlook these matter; at the end hope for the best.

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    Craig L

    Great conversation here.
    I came across this as I am just trying to figure out how to make the guest specify the beds required in their booking, as I want to charge per bed, not per person. Eg. A couple vs 2 single people costs me more in linen, so want to pass on the savings and costs.
    Also created a great 2+ night promotion as first night covers the costs. How have others done this?

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