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  • There are so many thing that I would love to improve and be more advance than other. But I don't think that I can list all here with clear written explain.

    First I would suggest that you should setup like feedback meeting/conference by group of hotel by regional zone or country. As each regional, country have a very different and unique needs.

    Also I don't want to get improve and do something same with other OTA's. should have your own very unique point of sales. And something new into OTA's business. Especially more focus on loyalty program.



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    Le Balcon des Jasses

    Hi Everyone.

    I like to hear from you, Are you open Christmas and New Year for booking?

    Do you higher the price, are you doing any extra for Christmas visitor..

    Im open and Booked Christmas, and looking forward to welcome people..

    Merry Christmas from Lucy

    Le Balcon des Jasses FRANCE

  • Le Balcon des Jasses  Yes, we are open for holiday period with higher rate as there are a lot of demand.

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    M Adamopoulou

    Very nice balcon Lucy.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy full New Year...

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    michael beeston

    Bandara Hotels & Resorts.....We too charge extra for Xmas/New Year/April.....a huge demand..Its very good........Michael.

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    Le Balcon des Jasses

    Dear M Adamopoulou  Thank you, yes we love the balcony, but we need to move indoor
    3 month a year, toooooo cold..

    Merry Christmas


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    M Adamopoulou

    Hello Laura and thank you for trying to encourage us. Yes many things have to get improved and we are looking forward to having a prosperous New Year and wish the same to you.

    Nice to hear from you Laura  that you are looking for capabilities to upload photos from mobile and larger text input boxes.

    To Bandara Hotels & Resorts comment about  meeting/conference by group of hotel ... I would like to add  also by group of smaller properties with less rooms, since needs are totally different from hotels.

    Since Law Regulations for short term holiday rental have changed in some countries and areas, we hosts need to be informed accordingly.

    Growing together surely means no Cancellations. I would like to see new more effective measures  to be taken making  cancellations fewer so both parties can benefit.

    Overall, I think collaboration between members is the key to success, so yes I strongly believe that together we can make the best forum possible. 

    Merry Christmas to all.....

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    M Adamopoulou

    Lucy its beautiful inside also.  Love the cat by the fireplace.

    Your place looks very cosy.

    Have a nice day.

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    Le Balcon des Jasses

    Thank You M Adamopoulou.

    Actually, it's not a cat, its porcelain Polar Bear from Royal Copenhagen, ass My Husband are Danish, I like then to, always with the fireplace.

    3 month we have fire every day, its nice, and cosy.

    Have a nice day you to


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    M Adamopoulou

    Lucy, yes I see now. I opened wide the picture. Polar bear is also very nice and precious. My first guests from were Danishes. Incredible guests had unforgettable moments with them. We are lucky here in Greece weather is not so cold.

  • M Adamopoulou and Bandara Hotels & Resorts, thank you for your great feedback. I see some opportunities here :) 

    Le Balcon des Jasses - make sure to add your festive photos to our December photo challenge before the end of the month. Love the roaring hearth with the polar bear!


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