I didnt know how to use. i never canceled the reservations, now i have to pay for persons who never went.

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    Caveat emptor I'm sorry to say.

    You can try stating your case to BDC via the messaging system to the finance department and see if they are sympathetic to your cause.

    Any "no show" must be marked as such (found on the right hand panel of the individual bookings) and be careful to select "waive all charges".

    If you can convince your bank to give you an-offline-capable credit card machine then do that, it will enable you to charge full rates to all no show bookings.


    Have BDC collect all payments for you, this way you receive ALL funds due BUT BDC are very slow payers (15th of the month following check out date), up to six weeks. For a small business this can be too much for cash flow to bare.

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    Osborne Martin

    Moving to BDC collecting payments has worked well for us. As well as saving us the additional credit card processing fee, our no shows have dropped from 25% to 0%. The payment delay, while a pain, is definitely worth it for our resort.

    As recommended above, try calling BDC, our experience has always been good.


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