I can't see if people have paid or not before they arrive

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    I can;'t see how this is possible, as it is your choice to decide if people pay in advance or not. If you agree to allow online payment, your booking will arrive with a big, bold and red "paid online".

    To make things easier you can maybe request clients to give their credit card details. If the credit card detail is in the name of the client then you are sure that they have not paid already.

    Have a good day

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    Le Balcon des Jasses

    Dear Info

    Our System is:

    On Booking.com I click on Pay or not paid. All my customer are not charge before arrive. Sometimes people send a Check for deposit, and I give then back when people arrive. Almost all customer Pay me by Card. I make a faktura, Room/food/ Wine, and I have a Bank Terminal to all kind of card. The Bank Charge 0.9% and the Money are in my Bank after few days. 

    You can have an terminal so you can check peoples Card details if you want, it cost a little extra.

    The Bank make a statement with peoples Name card details and pay date..

    Its easy and smart; I never have problem. Very few people pay cash, 

    When people Check inn I already prepare a statement, From Booking.com, and give our Menu, with Price and Wine Card, Most visitor are having dinner, and Next morning check out, return key and pay? Kiss kiss, never a problem.

    Last year, 2018 I hade a American Family, left without pay, Name, Card Details and all was Fals, I lost 600€, but this is first time in 17 years. I will survive.

    Nice day from Lucy

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    Aaltje B.

    Thank you for the tip, Lucy! 

    Will check with the bank what they advice. 



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    Le Balcon des Jasses

    Or Try Izettle, great company............

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    Aaltje B.


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