Hotel Bedding Issue......

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    Aaltje B.

    Hi Southsea-Studios

    This is not an easy one! 

    Stains on pillow covers - I guess you have tried e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. 

    Argan oil is a nasty one for stains!  They give orange/brown coloured stains. And many people use it. (the dark-haired ones)

    Random stains after washing could also be old water pipes under the house, or water is stained if it is coming from a scheme or a tank? 

    Do you wash your linen yourself? Otherwise soaking in cold water with stain remover. 

    You could also choose a darker colour pillow cover.

    Or why not put in your info folder that you friendly request guests to look through at arrival .:" to prevent dark staining by hair products please use this extra pillow cover "- And you provide with extra one.

    People know when they have oil in their hair, or just dyed it, don't they. And I am sure they won't use white pillow covers with argan oil still in hair at home!

    And I am sure if you have tried everything, you also have face clothes, and makeup remover standard in your bathroom. I would. Saving you lots of hassle. 


    I liked this topic.  You are not alone! 

    Thanks for sharing Southsea Owner! 


    Have a great weekend,

    Greetings from New Zealand, 

    Aaltje B. 




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    I check all my towels and bedding for any grubby marks before putting in the machine, then spray with a stain remover if any marks.

    Have also just sourced some dark face clothes with 'Make up' embroidered so that people do not put mascara all over my white face clothes.

  • I'm at my wits end.  I have a stack of towels and linen with pale yellow stains on them that just wont come out.  I have boil washed them.  Soaked them in every conceivable stain remover.  Bleached them.  Nothing seems to shift it and some of the linen I have just purchased.  Any ideas on what to try.

    Another question - where do I buy good quality washing powder at cost.  Buying at the store is definitely not cost effective. 

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