Ratio system can be easily manipulated and we should help curing the algorithm.

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    Comfort 5 out of 10.I dont mean to be rude but the customers came in a Dacia small car.I would accept a 5 out of 10 for comfort is a 85,00m2 full floor apartment with extra 30m2 balconies gazing the horizon from Sach of Persia comming in a limousine but not from a customer driving a small Dacia car.And at a price of 60euros per day?Pure blackmailing for free breakfast and lunch.Ce mon ,mon amie!

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    Oh YES! This review system needs to be looked at urgently. A guest can become disgruntled for many reasons such as mentioned above. Also, they at times want to check in early and out late, without paying extra. Our check in time is 3.00 p.m and check out is 11.00 am. Checking in at 9.00 instead of 3.00, and out at 7.00 pm instead of 11.00 am, mean that those are 2 days the rooms cannot be sold. If  the guests stayed for a long period we allow it for free. But when a guests stays for 1 night, no way. When they are not allowed for free, they give low negative review.

    In addition, how do you rate everything at 7 and then comment saying that everything was wonderful and you truly enjoyed your stay. Some persons just do this for some unknown reason.

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    Admins have a look at my hotel.I really want to see the algorithm changing its parameters.It is not okey a hotel worthing a low 5 ration , becoming a 8 using false reservations of one day .It is very easy to adjust the algorithm taking into acount the days of the reservation and the money paid per night.Also i dont see the admins making any remark about my notice to this crucial concern.


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