Bad Review, and lots of lies...should I reply?


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    Leandri Klopper

    Hi there,

    Sorry to hear about that. There are a Ton of conversations regarding reviews on the forum. 

    I would definitely reply if I were you because it's the only way you can save face. 

    Probably I would thank them for choosing your property and that you are sorry to hear that they didn't enjoy their stay. Should they experience any problems, such as a dirty apartment, they should immediately contact the owner and the issue will be resolved because that is the type of host you are. Maybe also mention that you have a phone which you Always answer. You can advise them that they are welcome to come again and you will be sure to keep the place clean for them. 

    That way it's not a "mean" he-said-she-said post and reply. You will sound like you are genuinely concerned and were willing to help. People reading the post won't think that you are defending yourself, they will assume the people who wrote the review lied about contacting you. 

    That's how I would do it. Keep well!

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    You are so lucky you can put a response on

    Tell the truth and keep it short

    refer to other good reviews

    Don't expect to remove it as to them guest come first and the evidence on this forum proves that

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    Thanks for feedback guys. I "toned down" my reply, I was going to point out their inaccurate feedback but will choose to be a bit more cordial instead

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    Uneek Upneja

    Basically, all the replies to the reviews matters more for the other people who refer to the reviews before making a booking  at your property. This is basically a way to tell others that the review left here is a fake one so you must speak out what was lie.

    But again we are in service industry so we always have to keep a low pitch.


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    Beachbreak Holiday Letting

    Is anyone in the same situation as myself.  I own and rent out properties that are within a resort.  I take a lot of time and effort to make sure the units that I rent out are in top condition, however because the units are within a resort I regularly get reviews based on things that they didn't like within the resort itself and not related to the unit that I am renting them.  I have no control over what happens within the resort but negative reviews are pulling my score down.  Any suggestions?

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    Leandri Klopper

    Hi there,

    Well, it's a bit of a catch 22. Either you tell them that they're not allowed to use the facilities of the resort to avoid negative reviews about run down resort facilities, or you allow them to use them and suffer the reviews. 

    If I were you, I would set up a welcome pack to send to the guests which will let them know that you are in no way in charge or have control over what happens on the resort. You can just speak for the accommodation. 

    Maybe also let them know that the resort facilities are not in good condition but then you might experience a drop in bookings.

    Best of luck! 

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    Sorry to hear about your experience - it's a real nightmare when it happens... The worst part is that it's anonymous.. I'm not sure what to reply to that comment, but here you have some tips that really helped me to deal with bad unjustified comments and bad reviews...

    I guess it's very important the way you respond because your guests will look at it the most! Hope it helps you and good luck!!

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    Leandri Klopper

    Martin ,

    That was a very interesting read, thanks!


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    Reply and tell the truth will not remove the view so respond saying what damage the guest caused

    Do you not have it in your room information that a guest will be charged for damge

    Take photos,get quotes and charge it to their credit card

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