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    Leandri Klopper

    Hey there,

    So sorry to hear about your troubles. 

    Reviews is such a sore point. I'm actually amazed at how much effort went through to help this guest to change the review. It's not normal operating procedure for them, so good for you that you got them to this point. 

    Did you get feedback yet?

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    please be advised that my experience with has been very terrible. I thought the partnership would come with support but it came with nothing but frustrations. The booking customer service is very cold and not very helpful at all. There would be no changes in the review if it wasn't for their support dept and the persistence of myself and guest to get this fixed. I had sent several messages to and got no response as usual. They are very unprofessional. I have even sent 10 messages in relation to other matters and even to their customer relations personnel and they have not addressed it to date. I have found out that as a partner I am not valued at all by tries only to penalize me for cancellation of guests they overbook to my property or they will harass me in regards to customer complaints for refunds already returned by our property and the support always favors the customer not their partners I provide professional support for when guests complain to me about them but they do nothing for their partners.They promise to replace guest cancellations but when a guest cancels nothing is done. No effort is made to replace the guests and guests can cancel last minute without penalty even when the booking states non-refundable because Booking customer service will always tell them it's up to property and then the guests tell you you are the bad guy and eventually you have to bend your policy because they tell you booking says you can exempt me from the penalty.I have to be strong to not close shop due to my frustrations eith Booking .com and tbe way they treat me as a partner.

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