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    Leandri Klopper

    Hi Forum!

    Seems like I'm the first one to try this. Here is my entry: 


    See a gap, fill it. If I were to find myself rubbing elbows with leading experts in the field of travel, I would ask questions that not only I’m struggling to find the answers to. In the short time that I’ve been on the Forum I’ve noticed a few “gaps”. These gaps are not really the result/fault of any one person or system but more a collection of reoccurring conversations/questions/comments that constantly pop up in the forum.  

    I’m sure the partners will agree on the following two examples.  First up is the infamous “No shows” topic. It’s an issue and we need experienced answers in regards to avoiding them, handling them and replacing them with reliable guests without joining a Discount-for-Visibility program.

    Secondly Reviews. Like a good advertisement, it can either market your property really well or it can send guests running to your closest competitor. Can we get an expert to “review” reviews? This is not a mechanical question in regards to answering/removing bad reviews but more how to use this as a tool to gain more visibility and attract guests! Is it perhaps a Small property versus Big property problem? Let’s have a listen and put this issue to rest.

    I’d like to move on from these two topics, to name a few, so coming back with advice/insight from a two day information session with leading experts will give me the tools to push the forum forward into topics that will be much more vivid and satisfying to me and our partners! Are we not hungry for juicy conversations that are not just based on the logistics of having a property loaded on Booking.com? Can we not instead sink our teeth into a full on debate about attracting different types of guests or creating specific atmospheres at the resort? I feel like we can get to the fun part of the forum, instead of describing the various cogs that make Booking.com work in different ways.

    After all, we wouldn’t have gotten into the Hospitality industry if we weren’t drawn to entertainment ourselves.

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