Why can I not reply to a guest who only leaves a review score?


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    We are located in super prime area, 300m(!) away from busiest airport and yet given low score for location with vulgar words. Just relax... Bad score is beneficial to you, at least the number of reviews is growing :)

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    I just fnd it so frustrating and probably always will......We have never marked a place down that we've stayed for the location unless the venue has misled us, if it was because of our wrong choice we mark it down to expeience. Oh well onto the next bookings.....

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    Send them an email, people don't see our reviews anyway, so it does not matter and they are instant booked so we can't vet guests. There is nothing wrong with sending a polite email, reminding them that they picked your location, for future bookings you would recommend that they are really happy with the location before booking, it's important as a host that guests are happy, unfortunately you can't change the location and that ownership is solely on them.

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    Some gusts are so difficult.. I live in a rural area and am surrounded by beautiful native bush and farmland where guests should enjoy the sound of birds and see cattle, sheep and deer. My home is surrounded by 5 acres of beautiful gardens.   The night sky is full of sparking stars.   Am located 15 minutes from a main highway.   But so many complain about location.   I do not think they read the information supplied or look at the photos.   Am adding a drone photo of the road leading to "Waikonini Homestead" so it will be interesting to see if that can stop the moaning!   Or maybe we could pollute the air and create the noise of aircraft and traffic??

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    Hello, Mary,

    The complaints on location will not change anything. Your place was and will be worth of a visit even it's located far.

    People that have head on their shoulders know, that such place cannot exist in big city. It's simply impossible. So, when I looked at review that complained about location my thoughts were: wow, this guy still didn't learn how to appreciate quality things in life.

    Bad comments are still better than no commitments. They will improve your listing anyway. And those people who are frequent reviewers suffer from being of self important. And since your place is perfect... At least there must be something worth of complaining and the complain is so primitive.

    If I were you, I will be thankful for negative reviews and revise if location is stated correctly.

    I have visited your website and honestly the first impression I got it's 5 minutes from somewhere. Probably the reason for it words "located five minutes".

    Also when describing location use numbers, not words. As "5" catches attention better than "five".

    The areas to improve understanding of location on Booking are many. You can use photos of the road or even your property photos and put text on it. Could be in form of slogan "Just 15 minutes away from X, and you are in paradise" :)

    Your fine print is something that attracts attention for those who read and care. Put some info there. Ask Booking to add word description of location (write for them) and request to add in your listing description.

    Mention more places in Nearby landmarks.

    You are not using your profile description and it has dedicated area for "whats nearby". Besides it's great possibility to write about your life long experience being a host, how good you are, well traveled :😏 and enjoy guests that understand x and y...

    When guest leaves give him a small memorable gift like souvenir or postcard, or just small chocolate "for the road". Really, how can anyone write a negative review after that?

    By the way... Are those headboards are handmade? They look so, so lovely!

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    Homestay in Cairns

    Just reading everybody's comments. I think we are all in the same boat depends who arrives what kind of people everybody is different . I think sometimes people just can't bring themselves to give you a perfect score. In the headlines they'll put" it was fantastic" I'll definitely come back again and then they'll give you 7.5 score!! go figure!

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    Leandri Klopper

    Hi all, 

    Everyone has a unique take on this, which is interesting to me. 

    Getting a bad review and not being able to reply is absolutely Not good for you, it messes with your visibility... so not good. I know Booking.com is working on letting us reply to reviews that do not have comments, whether or not it will make a difference is a mystery. For now we can't do anything about it, unless you contact the guest but that is a massively balanced act... Booking.com's rules are clear, you are Not allowed to interfere with a guest's review. Eg. You are not allowed to bribe them for a good one when they are at your place, nor threaten them to change it once it is done. 

    Waikoninihomestead , I had a good giggle at your last sentence! At the end of the day, people like different things. Make sure that you note in All of your descriptions that your property is not on the main street in a bustling city and that they shouldn't expect it. Maybe make a welcome package (with the nearest attractions etc) that you send to then after they book. 


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    Homestay in Cairns

    My worst nightmare is getting a bad review sent anonymously!! You have nothing to go on, nothing to relate to. You don't know where it came from or why. I think guests who send a bad review anonymously have no spine!!

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    Agree if you have something to say then put your name to it or say nothing.

    We should have the right of reply to any and all reviews.

    It is a total one way review system.

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    Booking.com have treated partners badly where reviews are concerned for years

    They have ignored comments from Partners ever since this Forum began

    They may fiddle with the system and pretend they are doing us a favour but they ignore the main issues that many of us highlight frequently !!

    The CEO ,the MD and every member of the senior Management know what is wrong with the Review system BUT IGNORE ITS PROBLEMS

    After all they cannot upset guests who leave lies about a property or anon reviews or those who select do not let the property reply BECAUSE THEY MAY NOT USE BOOKING.COM AGAIN !!!!!


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    I have noticed that sometimes its better not to leave the reply. Especially if review is long and too negative. Hosts start answering back, going into details... And new potential guests look at this soap opera and the more they don't want to book. Anyway, it's not just a review that motivates the guest to book.

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    But ….its the negative review that motivates the guest not to book

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