Heating issues in winter for apartment


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    Heating is essential like water.

    You can specifiy no extra heating appliances to be used in the property except for those provided by the owner.

    It needs to be warm, I have central heating on each day, all beds have electric blankets and I have spare duvets/blankets and a portable heater and this is just for bedrooms.

    In winter time, my heating bill is normally €600 plus per 6 weeks or so ,  I get a few of these during the cold seasons but it's just part of doing business.

    For an apartment, I would have the heat on for a short period everyday just to keep it warm.

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    I was expecting a more constructive or clever feedback ... if I have to consider 400 Euros / month to warm it is what I get from the bookings... on top of remembering you that we use coal and we have to manually add coal and clean daily the ash...

    The idea of the electrical blanket is quite good but knowing Spain if the essential water that drink the guest on the bed fall on the blanket and he died I will get a lucky full pension entrance to the jail for life.

    I will not complain too much as it will fix 2 things:

    1) you finaly get off the guest (the one that troll you with the cold)
    2) I will be warm in winter and fresh in summer and everything include (full pension) in the Jail (food and drinks for free for life)

    Nevertheless we do prewarm 2hours before checkin ... we do have the portable heater with wheels (the 3000W unit with gas) ... 

    And I forgot to say that the duvets are all with more than 400gr / m2 ... and the last one that we purchase is 500gr / m2

    Even without the heater, the windows open, without the electrical blanket these weight of feather is more than enough to keep someone warm (if healthy of course). I would like to remember that we are not a hospital, kids pension or 3rd age pension.

    and we also know that the heater are normally switch off when sleeping time (23 to 8) to say something ... and this happen in many places.

    So to get a guest complain about the cold at 6am because i just came back from his night shift is just a troll

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    and I forgot to say that the guest that complain about the cold is the same without socks on his feets and without shoes ... or another one with the tong shoes ... Let say that walking arround the flat the whole day in underwear in winter may not be the best idea as well

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