Bike hire from guest houses

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    Leandri Klopper

    Hi Richie

    Sorry, I see your post didn't take off. 


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    To be honest forgot that I had posted it - guess I am a ground breaking - B'n'B - I'll have that !!!! 


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    Leandri Klopper

    Haha Richard! 

    Yes, then perhaps when you break the ground you can let us know the ins and outs of it. 

    I checked in the meantime and saw that some of our properties do have bike rentals. The one thing that I see through and through is two Must Haves when attempting this. 1. An indemnity form (We will not be held liable for any deaths/accidents/injuries etc etc. and 2. A refundable deposit. 

    Best of luck with your paddling! *edited... Pedalling?* 

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