how can I limited the capacity of each room showing in room details?

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    Trung Phan

    Just send a message to via your inbox they will add it for you. 

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    Aaltje B.

    To Rosalia1818 Look in your extranet, go to properties, go to policies and edit accordingly. 

    I would describe the property also as being for two people only. 

    The photo's help explain that as well. 

    (I know, there are people who don't read, who don't watch all the photo's etc but you need proof. 

    don't say that you have a sofabed if you don't want guests to use that for overnight stays. )


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    Aaltje B.

     PS  sorry Rosalia1818   look at Properties tab at extra net and Room amenities.

    The list is there and you tick what matches your unit / house. 


    I know, for some people you can't be clear enough and they just try! 

    But at least you know the right information is there on your page. Up to you if you stick with it or arrange extra bed for baby or toddler and let them pay extra. 

    You could also put it in your title : House for couple,  Couple's retreat. Something like that. 

    That should help too. 

    Enjoy your hosting! 


    Aaltje B. 



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