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    To your exact point.  I give them 1 room to sell. They advertise it, they get it booked, their job is done.  I get it. I have been in business for over 25 years...I am an accountant and tax advisor/preparer.

    They go a step beyond, when the biggest review company, TripAdvisor, is then added to the til.  I can FILL all my other rooms ON MY OWN, without help.  The issue is TripAdvisor is telling folks after booking.com has 'done their job', that I have NO availability.   I get 75% of my business from people that say they find me on TripAdvisor.  It borders extortion for me to HAVE To give them all 4 rooms to sell. With one room on booking.com, I PAID almost $10,000 to them in commissions.  

    Your advice to ADD $20 to my rate, is fine and dandy, but, while that is an option, I will never see them again, telling them about 'saving' $20 had they booked through me VIOLATES the BEST PRICE guarantee by booking with BOOKING.COM.... Now doesn't it?  Besides, I am in the $170-190 a night range...I'd have to bump it up to $200-235 a night WHICH WOULD MEAN I LOSE BUSINESS IN THE FIRST PLACE, BECAUSE MY RATES WOULD BE TOO HIGH FOR WHAT THEY GET... I would price myself out of the market....

    ALL I am asking, it to have TRIPADVISOR STOP saying I have NO availability and to check with property directly. ---- JUST as it is on any other property that is NOT in bed with a third party!!!

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