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    Siranne van Onselen

    Have you spoken to your contract manager about it and blacklisted the guests with them?  I'm afraid there is no way to prevent these guests from booking and not even Booking.com can stop the bookings from coming in, but if you call Booking.com as soon as you receive the booking and advise them to cancel then I'm sure they will if you have already blacklisted them. 

    Only other way is to mark credit card as invalid and keep doing so so that the booking is cancelled that way


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    i have reservations 10 times from Saudi arabia nobody come fake reservations do have anybody else the same problems?


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    A Acatrinei


    I've  just seen that BDC offered us the possibility to mark some guest for bad behavior! This can be a good step in making a BDC's Blacklist and after date to help to avoid this kind of person!

    It would be better if the reservation can be canceled in the same time when you mark the guest for bad behavior!


    PS: We have to take in to consideration that all material or image's demage are supported by owner not BDC.

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    Bad guest -  avoid this guest at all costs - he is called ******************  

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    A Acatrinei

    Avoid also very rude clients like ****** !!

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