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    Veronika Group

    We operate one property which only has short stays due to the condition of the market and we never experienced a high cancellation rate. In fact, those booking more than average long stays have canceled more. In the other property we manage where longer stays are more usual, the situation is opposite. Those booking average or even longer stays cancel less, and those booking shorter than average stays tend to cancel more.

    I guess it is just a matter of what is more unusual for your market is riskier as well.

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    What is Veronika Group? Sounds more like a Private Equity Fund Management  then a Lodging  Group.!

    The nature and condition of the market referred to for smaller establishments as myself has changed dramatically and a high cancellation rate is only a phenomenon of a business practice that promotes book for free and cancel if you find something better,

    The fact that Booking has now taken payment  deposit guarantees is a direct result of the dynamic the OLT Industry has created, of which i am forced to partner ,

    In former time this was never an issue however when one offers, Get out of Jail and collect $200

     the new business model- paradigm changes and everyone raises their rates 15% to cut in the big players,

    This is the new market place,

    I do not adhere to any conspiracy theory but something smells fishy. Is Veroniika Group is more PR, with better use of written English then the promoters of this Platform? Yet never cleaned a toilet... bowl,

    I reiterate; guests with less ventured have less commitment, its common sense, and has nothing to do with condition of the market in my opinion. If you purchase  airfare and plan a 4 night stay, the likelihood you cancel cuz the forecast calls for rain is a non starter, 


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    Veronika Group

    Industry is always chainging and you need to keep up with it. That’s just ehat business is like. Anyhow, you should always set your policies just as you like them in order to reduce cancellations. Hotels in our market have a policy to cancel up until 1 day before and we have set it to 14 days before and never had problems selling rooms. So, I would suggest that you stick with policies most comfortable to you and I hope that it will reduce cancellations to an acceptable level for you.

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