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    Merylyn Eiszele

    Greatness can only be accomplished with Passion

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    Position! Africa! Travel! Love! Those 4 words...

    1."We challenge you to find a lovelier backpackers' spot on Kenya's north coast!" - Lonely Planet. It took us 15 years to find this magical spot!

    2. Africa - there's no continent on earth that's as addictive as Africa - it has magnetic powers.

    3. It helps to have traveled extensively all over Africa and the world, it helps to understand people.

    4. It's important to love what you do, to have the empathy to fulfill their needs. To be warm, welcoming, friendly.

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    Hello fellow owners and operators.  How lovely to read about what you all do to make guests feel welcome!  Feels like we all have alot in common loving people.

    Upon booking we send our guests a map, a list of activities in the area to prebook like Great White Cage diving, Whale watching trips as well as a list of restaurants.  They also receive a note thanking them for choosing us.  I think the obvious is cleanliness, politeness and generally making them feel welcome upon arrival.  However if your establishment is bed and breakfast only we do have specific booking in times.  If they miss this we give guests a key code with instructions as to where there rooms is.  We also leave instructions in the rooms about the local area, safe, wifi codes, cable chanel and emergency numbers. 

    We pop a chocolate daily on their pillow.  Always use the best white 100 % cotton and use fabulous local but chic products in the bathrooms.  Leave the classical music on in the bedrooms tv on arrival.

    On departure we give them a memento beaded key ring representative on the name of our guest establishment which also provides a job for a local beader.

    From Sunny Simon's Town. South Africa. Penguin Palace

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    Kotroni Villas

    Come as strangers, leave as friends. We are a family owned business. We try to involve all our guests to our customs and offer them the pure Greek Hospitality. As Telemachus came to our area thousands of years ago and was welcomed by our Wise King Nestor, he was first treated as a king and then they asked his name and whereabouts. The true meaning of hospitality. We are true to our guests, try to offer them more and more every day. People that come to our hotel want to experience the traditional life, food and insights of the area. Don't try to be rich overnight. I don't know if all that makes sense. It does in my head and think this is the real sustainability that hotels all over the world are looking for.

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    Valiyathayil Homestay

    Dear Team

    It is important to have a warm welcome according to the time of arrival of the guest, if morning or evening offer a cup of coffee / tea, if mid day offer a glass of chilled juice.

    Good quality breakfast  ingredients cooked well, breakfast is the last meal that guests will have with you and it should be delicious and plentiful, this leaves a lasting impression

    Dedication to the hospitality,   go out of your way to be helpful, offer to make a train ticket reservation, back waters trip reservation, Traditional program ticket reservations etc, almost no request is too difficult to manage.  If it is an impossible request be as helpful as possible and share the reason why it is impossible. Guest will be happy,  be flexible,  be kind and generous.  Generous in towels for guests, generous in food, in types of teas, generous with listening, in check in time, check out time. Always keep the rooms cleanliness and tidiness , if possible you have to do this yourself or check your staff that they don’t cut corners.  If anything is damaged, fix it immediately so that the next guest don’t enter with anything.

    David Cleetus

    Valiyathayil Home Stay, 

    Fort Kochi - Kerala

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    Jennifer Nimmo

    We communicate with our guests at The Green Welly as soon as we get a booking via the extranet and then follow up a day or two before their arrival. We are always here to welcome guests to our farm and explain a little about the property and also ask about themselves to try and establish a connection, without being too over bearing or taking up too much of their time. We then encourage guests to settle in and to let us know immediately if there is anything that they require as we are always close by (but not in their space). Our breakfasts are home made with either home grown or locally sourced products including the breads, preserves, honey etc. We set a very eye catching table so as soon as guests enter the breakfast room they are saying “wow” before they’ve even tasted anything! Our guest reviews always come back to amazing breakfast and attention to detail and great hosts.  We provide little extra touches around the place eg spare specs, boot polish, booklights, washable knitted
    slippers that go in with the laundry, cookies, colouring books/pencils for relaxation, just to name a few as well as toiletries etc. We genuinely appreciate our guests who choose to stay with us and only having the two rooms we can really personalise their experience which gives us a point of difference that our guests seem to enjoy. Being a b&b our decor is more homely I suppose and most guests seem to like our quirky sense of style. We post a lot of pics of our food and animals and promote ourselves as a cute little B&B which I think helps us to attract the type of clientele seeking this type of accommodation. Our reviews are usually a guest score of 10 or just under, if we get anything less we beat ourselves up about it, but then try to turn it into a positive. Eg “pillows too soft” we took that on board and got some firmer ones too. One lot of guests posted on TA that they didn’t enjoy our non traditional breakfast (99.9% do!) however that was the best thing ever, as we now put perfectly boiled eggs on the breakfast table (complete with egg cosy) and they are a huge hit and so easy for us as we keep chickens. Communication is important, listen to what your guests want.  Sorry if this went on a bit. Thanks for the opportunity to share.

    The Green Welly Bed and Breakfast

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    Always treat each guest with interest and excitement, as you did with the very first you welcomed years ago. Usually it takes guests a day or so to find their feet after (often) a lengthy trip, so make allowances for this.

    In the end, the wishes and demands of the guest will probably eclipse those of your own, so yield to every reasonable demand.

    If you have a dream guest who leaves the place as they found it, this is an absolute bonus - an appreciative comment is quite in order.

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    Golden rule: Treat your guests the way how you would like to be treated when being a guest.

    Be happy and passionate doing this business and the results will show very soon.

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    Nicky Jarratt

    Dear all,

    To keep it short: we only have one moto and that is always treat guests the way you would like to be treated in person or over the phone and other forms of communication.

    Respect for your own establishment is also very important as guests do notice the love and care that goes into creating a clean and tranquil environment during their stay.

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    Beverley Country Cottages

    Insure a warm, friendly welcome, as first impressions always count. The cottage / room must be spotless with fresh linen & towels. We welcome our guests with a vase of fresh flowers cut from the garden, homemade cookies and a welcoming jug of fresh farm milk for their Tea & Coffee in the fridge, along with a bag of ice! As we live in the cooler part of South Africa, when its cold, we light their fire for them so the cottage is nice and cozy for their arrival. 

    Myself and our staff are always on hand to greet and answer any questions they have and offer to book restaurants and activities for them in the surrounding area.

    Have neat gardens and/ or flowering plant pots that are well cared for surrounding the area as this brings a natural warm element to their well being and are always admired. 

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    L & L

    The most important thing before anything else is this: You have to love people, be humble and love what you do. People can see right through a fake smile. After this comes all the rest like excellent beds and breakfast that is unforgettable. if you really love people and what you do, you will make sure that the rest is perfection. Good scenery and views definitely do help though.

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    Since we travel a lot as well, we have experienced many different hotel rooms and private rooms and it helped us a lot in creating our offer. We give to the guests everything we could wish for if we were guests: warm welcome, accommodation that looks exactly like on photos and offers everything what is described on booking.com and more... Guest satisfaction always comes first. I must say that after 2 years of doing host business, I'm still nervous upon guest arrival, never shure weather they like it or not...Maybe it's not so bad because it keeps us to improve constantly...

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    This is my Home and I like to have guests, Im very privileged to live where I do, I love my home and the area I live in and love to share it with others. Make them feel at home from home. I'm interested in them as travellers and like hear their story as well as share ours. 

    Make them feel comfortable - go out of your way to make their stay perfect. Weather that be arranging restaurant reservations or recommending places to visit and thing to do in the area. Make them feel comfortable in your home. And then they will respect you and your home.

    Promote local produce (locally made toiletries) Home made produce (Jam, Marmalade, Olive oil, cakes) 

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    I like to make my guests feel at home from the moment they arrive. And I will take them to a bus stop - hop-on-hop-off for example - if they require.

    I like to serve a hearty breakfast and bring it to the room where they can enjoy it at leisure.

    My motto - always give as much as you can - and remember what your regular people like. Always go the extra mile.

    I think I am a friendly person by nature and I welcome people as if they were my friends.


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    Ben Grey Oak Holiday House

     From the time guests book we keep regular communication without nagging them and on arrival we   have a great team that is always there to welcome our guests to a spotless clean new, very spacious house with a beautiful finish with an Australian touch in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Everything in the house is new and kept clean, linen,utensils, towels,modern furniture to bathrooms is all in tip top condition. We always show our guests around and make them feel at home. Whenever any of our guests recommends an improvement, we take it on board and have scored 10s in almost everything. Our charges are very reasonable giving value for money.We always try to make our place the best Self catering facility there can be.

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    We run a Self Catering Cottage in the Country. We have found that Attention to detail is one of the most important things you can focus on. We try to add all the little touches that genuinely make it feel like a Home from Home eg lovely ground coffee and all the utensils we could not do without in our own home. We also make our own range of toiletries for the bathrooms. We provide little extras like a lovely bowl of fruit on arrival and a jar of assorted snacks, fresh milk, tea coffee etc so they always have something available until they have time to shop. When a guest books, when we acknowledge their booking by return mail, we always offer to do any shopping they may require for arrival and although they don't always take you up on the offer, it always seems greatly appreciated.

    We occasionally stay at the Cottage ourselves to make sure that everything is working as it should and there are no noisy water pipes, rattling windows etc that may irritate the guests. It also gives us the opportunity to see that everything the guest may require is there. We also add things to ensure that returning guests see a change or addition.

    We also feel strongly that you need to respect your guests and treat everyone the same and as though they are the most important guests you have had. We feel that respecting their privacy is also paramount to making them feel comfortable and at home. We try to be as flexible as possible with guest special requests and requests for early/late check ins etc.

    Lastly, Cleanliness is absolutely paramount. We do all cleaning ourselves and take no chances at all. However if you have more rooms and are not able to do that, would always check to ensure that things are they way you expect them to be.



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    Hi Everyone
    Thanks for sharing. Its great to have this opportunity to share our common experiences.
    We basically offer the same exceptional service that all of you provide and having nothing new or revealing to add, my primary contribution is thank you all for your tips and encouragment.
    I agree in part to one of the comments in regard not over doing it but our natural instinct is to go that extra to spoil our guests, isnt it. Thats why we are all here. Its a juggling act for sure because as unique as each of us are therefore are our personal preferences so its tuning in to the individual guest as they arrive and getting a feel for their style which for me is so critical. We are a 1 room only B&B and we greet each guest on arrival and get the opportunity to absorb their mood, purpose and manner.
    And talking of personal preferences ......
    Im not a sweet tooth so when I stay somewhere I get so disappointed that there is only ever sweet food /chocolate treats! Wheres the cheese and biscuits? Thats where we all talk about treating guests how we wish to be treated, so to cater with a variety of extras is important to us.
    It of course all needs to be balanced with economics because we cant offer 52 types of pillows and if we as providers dont make enough to be profitable then our special places will eventually not be there as those exceptional, warm and personal accommodation choices for guests.
    For me a most important attribute is sincerity. Ive learned from our experiences that its not necessarily or exclusively the bending over backwards which of course we all happily do, but having a natural, genuine and easy going delivery of our service of excellence.
    Congratulations to you all and again thank you for sharing
    Bella and Andy

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    Spotless, comfortable, well equipped rooms, friendly welcome and interest in the guests, Being available if they need you but not intrusive. Under promise and over deliver


    Enjoy being a host it is infectious 

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    M Markezic

    Behave with your guests like they are the first and only one in your apartment! Doesn't mater if they stay for 3 days or 3 week. They don't know who are You and what kind of person are You. Give them a reason to come back next year and affirmation of their choise. The owner behaviour is very important. Behave like you would like if you where in their shoes - that is the most important thing. Be natural, relaxed, available 24 hour, allways in a good mood because they are on vacation, and they want to enjoy every moment in their holiday.

    In small word treat them like your frends - it not everything about the money

    Prepare a welcome gift (homemade drinks + welcome letter).

    Be 100% sure that the apartmant is clean, in every corner !! 

    Give them as much info of your city and souranding activites as they want. 

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    The secret to receiving great reviews is to treat guests the same way as you would like to be treated and offer great value for money. 

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    Always greet guests as they get out of vehicle with umbrella if its raining, introduce ourselves, and make them feel at home by offering them a tea or coffee with either homemade cake or biscuits on arrival.

    Nothing is ever too much trouble and try to accommodate their every need.

    All the necessary items IE hairdryer, toiletries, tissues, tea/coffee facilities, bottled water are all in their room.

    We make restaurant reservations when asked and advise on nice restaurants in our area.


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    The best feedback we get is that we take the time to remember our guests names & use them whenever we meet.  We also take the time to chat to them & remember that conversation so we can bring it up at the next meeting - it's about being personable & making it personal.  We aim to surprise & delight our guests at every opportunity, listening to them always gives hints as to how we can achieve that.

    The rest has been mentioned before:-

    • Quality, local produce & products. 
    • Freshly cooked breakfast to order & at a time of their choosing, not being told when they have to come down & eat.  Home-made Breads, Pastries, Muesli, Hash Browns & Beans go down a treat.  
    • Local knowledge & recommendations
    • Quality Linens, Towels & Bathrobes
    • A Home from Home

    We - and how we look after our guests - are our point of difference.

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    The Old Stable Devon

    Running a holiday property or properties is hard work but it is also very rewarding and can be more so the longer you do it.

    First of all love what you do and make your guests feel really welcome. Reply to queries and questions quickly and complete bookings as quickly as you can.  I like to give as much information about the property, our spa, the local area, where guests can eat out, great places to visit, great shops to buy locally produced food etc. when a booking is made, so that they have this information to hand and can plan their stay.  Once guests are staying you can then expand on anything further if they ask.  Passing on your local knowledge really makes such a difference to someone's stay.

    We live on site and so personally greet our new guests and show them around.  We are also on hand if they wish to know anything further or need anything during their stay.  We have met some lovely people who have come to stay and many are now returning. Take an interest in their lives, it's amazing how interesting this can be.

    Make the property feel welcoming, turn on lights and make sure it is warm and cosy.  Make something delicious as a welcome snack and offer a hot drink; many guests will have travelled to get to you.  Keep the property immaculately clean and tidy and, if you have the room, add books and magazines to browse through. Offer lovely toiletries and add little extra such as throws.  Make it feel like a home.

    Be prepared for anything, both the unexpected and the annoying.  Things do go wrong on occasions, which cannot be foreseen, but it is how you deal with them that is important.  It's not just the washing machine going wrong or a blocked drain, we have had to rescue guests who have got themselves completely lost or arranging for a flat tyre or car that refuses to start to be seen to. 

    It's also important to remember that guests expectations differ hugely and some you will hardly know are there and others will need much more looking after; it's just how it is.


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    We genuinely love welcoming guests to our home (Llarrinda Bed & Breakfast) and feel privileged to be able to share our beautiful corner of Australia with them.  Everything we do, we do with passion and to the very highest standard possible.  Before guests are even out of their car, we greet them by name and in their own language, which they really appreciate.  As we walk to the front door we establish a rapport by talking about their journey and what they plan to do while here.  By the time they come into the house they already feel at home.  

    Their rooms always have fresh flowers from our garden, homemade goodies and a little carafe of port for them to enjoy.

    Breakfast is home-grown, homemade and organic - no foil packs or long life milk in sight, which they comment on a lot.

    We provide a full array of locally made, environmentally friendly toiletries and provide little extras such as sunscreen, a razor, toothbrush, etc., plus bathrobes and slippers.  It all adds to our costs, but as our guests say, it's those little things that make all the difference.

    We often sit around the fire and share an enjoyable glass of wine with our guests, but one of the highlights is the amount of wildlife they can see by just sitting on our deck.  A passing parade of colourful parrots come to our feeders, and if guests still haven't seen a wombat by the night before they are ready to leave, we will take them out on our 'wombat safari' to see how many we can spot within 30 minutes of our house.  We are always happy to go the extra mile to make guests feel totally at home and truly valued, and we've been rewarded by achieving 10 out of 10 guest reviews for the two years we have been with Booking.com.

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    I live by my moto "May all who come as guests leave as friends" Cleanliness and good equipment is a plus and my staff knows how important it is to make sure everything is in order.

    All guests are met in person upon arrival (irrespective of time) and we are always there for departure.

    There is always a basket with fruit, homemade cookies, tea, coffee, milk and cereal for the guests. We supply the guests with bathroom amenities (soap, shower gel, shower cap etc.) We leave menus from the local restaurants in the apartment for the guests to choose from if they wish to eat out.

    Communication with the guests is very important, they are most welcome to interact with us if they choose to do so. As our apartments are bigger than other apartments in our area, guests love the space. 

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    Greet the guests with their first names, Show them to their rooms and the facilities like lots of choice on the complementary tea tray, biscuits, bottled water etc. A fridge is good. Ask if they have any allergies regarding breakfast. Good quality beds and linen. Comfy rooms with sensible size TV. Plenty of local knowledge and a container of brochures and vouchers in each room with the free wi-fi codes. Be genuinly friendly not with a false voice. Make sure evrything is very clean.

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    Colm (Bon B & B Amsterdam)

    We ensure that the guests feel welcome, and that the room is prepared to a high standard.

    Breakfast is a major feature of our guests' experience, everything is freshly prepared and there are 3 courses, so the guests leave satisfied, and do not need to eat until the afternoon. Presentation is very important and has to be very exact and correct.

    We make the beds and change the towels every day, as well as cleaning the room.

    In the evening, if the guests are out when it gets dark, we switch on the lights in the room as well as close the blinds and curtains.

    I also give many of the guests a short history of Amsterdam, so it puts their experiences walking in the city into context, as well as pointing them in directions they perhaps had not known about.

    All in all it is about the guests having a good experience, which makes it a pleasure for us to be hosts!

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    Evmar Vacations

    Be flexible beyond what is expected of you!

    Make yourself available at all times (even if it's a 3:30am whatsapp text to tell you that your guest has locked herself out of the flat!).

    Small things matter. If you know that the young child of a guest of yours has her birthday, buy them a small present. It's the thought that counts.

    Treat your guests as if you are hosting them in your house, not your business property.

    And be patient! You will find a 5% of guests that you will never be able to satisfy their needs/standards. That's fine. You can't satisfy everyone. Life goes on!

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    Constant improvement. Give 110%.  Listen to our guests, ask questions about their lives, goals, family, sports or anything that interests them. Use their names when talking with them.  

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