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    You know, I dont do most of the above. Everyone seems to be knocking themselves out and spending all their profit on all these frilly bits.  I enjoy a 9.8% customer satisfaction by ensuring our properties are exceptionally well maintained (everything thats supposed to work does, and if something goes wrong during a guests stay, they have a contact and we respond immediately to fix it!). Also the place is spotlessly clean, there is no compromise here, it MUST be spotless. Go check after your cleaners have been and look over everything, or if you clean it yourself, have another pair of eyes look it over for you.  We just provide the basics, fresh bread, milk, good quality teas and coffees, cereal selection and a fruit selection.  This costs us around $21 per group of up to 6 people.  People rave about this especially if they have arrived late at night and can enjoy a snack before bed or have something to eat when they wake up.    My advice is do the basics  incredibly well, and you will enjoy very happy guests. You dont have to kill your guests with kindness, yourve already sold the room, you just have to treat your guests as you would like to be treated taking into consideration the above, and you will never have a grumpy guest who would be more than happy to recommend your accommodation or return themselves..


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    Hanwell House

    Be unique - try to find something that you can do that no-one else has thought of.  Make your own cookies to put in the guest rooms, leave a cafetiere and fresh coffee on the hospitality trays, use gorgeous toiletries in the bathrooms, make your own marmalades and preserves - and above all, make your guests feel as comfortable as they can possibly be, so they feel that they are friends staying in your home rather than an anonymous person paying to stay in your guest rooms.

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    Spoil people - give them a treat. Home made conserves (no horrid little jars of bought jam), home baked bread, good quality breakfast ingredients Home baked goodies in the bedrooms, locally made toiletries, fresh milk (not nasty little cartons). Leave them wine glasses, champagne flutes, and a corkscrew, on their bedroom tray.  Roaring fires in winter, tea or coffee on arrival. Chat to them. Be interested and make them feel welcome

    But - whatever you do, and however far you bend over backwards for your guests, the booking.com review system will try your patience! I have a score of 9.8 (9.9 until last week, when someone marked me down on "facilities" because they thought the medium sized TV in their room was not large enough for their taste!

    ) am in the middle of gorgeous, quiet, countryside. I clearly state that I am two miles from the nearest village, yet I still get marked down (occasionally) on "location", because guests haven't read the property description properly. The adage that you cannot please all of the people all of the time, might have been invented for the travelling public, and - whilst the majority of guests will love the sociable, homely atmosphere of a friendly, welcoming B and B., others might not. Thankfully, they are few and far between, and they should probably stay in a more anonymous Premier Inn, or a Travel Lodge

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    Svetnov Apartments

    First impressions are invaluable and are the basis of so many of our opinions. They say if you are trying to sell a house, paint the front door and have the smell of fresh brewing coffee or baking bread wafting through the property. We don't exactly go that far but try to ensure that first impressions are lasting impressions.

    Our apartments are designed and built in traditional style to the region of Vysocina where we are situated. Even I must admit they look very nice from the outside. The garden, although quite small, is well kept, SW facing and is full of planted borders and pot plants; sitting under the pergola is like sitting in your own oasis and always leaves a good impression.

    The apartments are kept very clean and comfortable with all requirements met. Furthermore, if we receive a specific request for an item we will often lend ours to the customer. Customers regularly comment about how much space we offer in each apartment and this, I believe, is another feature that makes the properties feel more relaxing as spaces.

    Communication is key as we live in part of the same building complex and share the garden with customers. It is very important to strike the right balance. Some customers look for company and a chat in the garden whilst others prefer their own space. Above all else I try to portray an understanding that we are all equals sharing this space together which seems to work. I also throw in the odd eccentricity which is explained away due to my Scottish upbringing ;)

    In terms of offering something unique which Hanwell House suggests is important and with which I agree, being a non native Czech is a novelty for most and having been a world traveller for 13 years before settling here also creates a lot of interest - Nothing wrong with a story or three to 'strike a chord' :)


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    Be flexible.  Be kind and generous.  Generous in towels for guests, generous in food, in types of teas, generous with listening, in check in time, check out time (within reason)  .

    We use beautiful Nutrimetics products in full size containers and guests use what they need and leave the rest.  But sometimes they love them so I give them the full containers.  We are always asking our guests do they need anything?  We also offer our guests a lift up to the local hospital and to local functions.  They love it!

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    Secret Pyrenees

    Give 110%. There are some things that will always be subjective - location or comfort for instance. But the rest - staff, cleanliness, etc. this should be something you excel at and over deliver. 

    The whole reason for staying at a bed and breakfast is to have that personal touch, to stay in a home away from home. So give them that. From the moment they arrive, make them feel as comfortable and at home as possible. Nothing is too much trouble (even though it might be). 

    And one last thing - you can't please everyone! But that shouldn't stop you trying!

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    Keep your prices inline with the experience you and your property provide your guests.


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    Gligo Tomanovic

    Respect your guests! I mean REALLY respect your guests and show your gratitudenes and appreciation for their decision to choose your place out of all others.

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    Be welcoming from the very first contact - whether on the phone or on line.  Go out of your way to be helpful - offer to make restaurant reservations, golf bookings etc.  Almost no request is too difficult to manage.  If it is an impossible request be as helpful as possible and share the reason why it is impossible. 

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    Wgs Glasgow

    We endeavour to make each guest feel (s)he is an individual, who we're genuinely pleased to have stay at our apartment ... because we are.

    For us the 'guest experience' starts with the first message confirming the reservation and ends with the final correspondence confirming return of the Security Deposit ... hopefully until their next visit. We don't use message templates; each guest communication, somehow, manages to convey that we acknowledge who they are.

    Goes without saying that all guests are met in-person upon arrival (irrespective of time) and we always try to be there for departure too.

    Some guests are seasoned world travellers, others are less confident; let them determine the level of interaction during their stay. However, everyone knows we're there for them if needed - but without being intrusive.

    Accept that somethings are out-with your control; our apartment is in Glasgow city centre ... it's a busy area! We're completely up-front about this and accept it will NOT suit everyone. For those things we can control (cleanliness, facilities, quality of furnishings / linen etc.) there are no excuses for not over-delivering. Never cut corners.

    Finally, enjoy the experience yourself - it comes across.


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    Jeannie Peachey

    1)    don't ask for breakfast orders the night before, it's completely pointless-- what would you do differently at breakfast time if you had known what the guest wanted for 8 hours instead of 8 minutes! It annoys guests ,even if they say it doesn't , and it places one more layer of pressure on them.

    2)  remove any signs or advice starting with the words "please don't". In fact remove all advice signs and instructions (except statutory ones) People know how to behave. Never ask guests to remove footwear

    3) Provide double sockets next to beds.

    4) under-promise and over-deliver

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    Cleanliness and the good equipment of the apartment are very important. I always leave a basket with fruit, cookies, tea and coffee for my guests. Communication with the guest is also very important. I give them all  information they are looking for as well as give them tips where to go and what to visit. They have my email and phone number ,so they  can call me anytime if they have some problem or question.

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    Colin Holman

    We are quiet fortunate that the majority of our guests are foreigners.  What this means is that on their holiday they visit between 7 and 10 establishments on their journey through South Africa.  They therefore have a frame of reference and are able to compare ourselves to other establishments along the way.  Locals have their homes as a frame of reference and its always difficult to compete with that.  We believe in offering guests value for money, often underselling ourselves and providing services which exceed their expectations.  To answer: What's your secret to incredible guest reviews? We do not give them the opportunity for a negative experience. During their welcome drink and briefing we emphasize that,  should there be anything they are not happy with or anything that we can assist with we are at hand to help them at anytime.  We often joke and say that while they are here we can remedy any situation,  at home when they write to us or on reviews there is little or nothing we can do.  So bottom line.. offer your services while they here and the reviews scores will ad up.

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    I think the same as some on here we don't go over top to lavish gifts etc on our guests but do all the basic things well and check that they are comfortable and have everything they need

    Mike in  Abergavenny South Wales

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    Coolbawn Lodge Farmhouse Skibbereen

    My secret is  " I just love guests coming to our home".  My heart still  jumps for joy as guests  arrival time is approaching...

    It's so important to have that welcome pot of tea or coffee available and some lovely home baking,and our lovely world renowned West Cork Cheese board  as I find so many of our  guests so appreciate it, as their lives are so busy and home baking is a real treat for them.

    Always remember that guests are not in their own homes and any thing that I think they may need, no matter what, just make sure you can deliver.

    Giving guests their own space, if required, is important and communicating with guests if they need to chat is also very important.

    I love to grow our own herbs and organic fruit to serve on the breakfast table. 

    It is also very important to take some breaks and see how it feel "on the other side "of the business.  You can find some things that you can add to your bed and breakfast or you might say " I would not do that in a million years..."like clearing off the table so fast and giving the hint to "move on"...

    The main thing is to just "Love your guests, treasure their time spent in your home and enjoy the conversations"

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    Elite Mostar

    What will I say and write?

    How to have excellent guest reviews?

      This is my rule ;
    I'll be short, I will not write much.

    Money is not the most important thing in life.

    The most important thing is that you love your job and you have to give 200, 300 or million% for your guests.

    Our guests come from many different countries of the world. Different cultures, habits and the like.

    We are here to see our guests like our family.


    Kindest regards for all my guest 

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    I genuinely love meeting people and spoiling them a little. Everyone has a story.....
    A warm welcome, cleanliness, a few extra touches they might not be expecting go a long way. Where possible, the best of quality products and local sourcing you can afford. Basically, making it very easy for the guest feel luxuriously comfortable and make themselves at home.
    Susie Wadham
    Park House bnb Cornwall.

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    Always use top quality food, be as chatty as your guests want you to be, and treat people the way you would want them to treat you if you were the visitor.

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    We agree with all of the above. We treat our role as more than providing a bed for the night - we focus on the entire experience for the guest's time in Broome. We make a point of knowing as much as we can about what the guest wants from the holiday (without being intrusive) and we do everything possible to ensure that they get it. If this means giving them a lift to the shops, booking tours and restaurants or simply advising the best place to eat - we do it. And I might add, we genuinely enjoy doing it. We are certainly helped by our location in iconic Cable Beach and by the design and layout of the bungalows and the tropical gardens but at the end of the day, it is personal contact and a genuine desire to help, that makes the difference.

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    I love to meet all the different people who have chosen my accommodation.  They have found it attractive enough to book it (from a million other choices) and I want to deliver on their expectation.  I love this small bit of the world while I live and want to share it.  I greet people on arrival with home made Scottish shortbread tea and coffee, find out a bit about them and offer local infomation.  We live closeby so can help promptly or provide particular items requested, but always give our guests plenty of space.  Negative reviews can be annoying when you are working hard but they keep you thinking what can I do better.

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    Nothing is too much of effort we put into our business but most especially to our guests. We treat them like our family, we are kind, friendly, we pay attention to detail, we help when and if we can.
    To have a B&B it is a hard work but it is worth it. Cleanness, good breakfast and a friendly word can make the difference.
    We love what we do.

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    Aitsa Nicoline

    Firstly, although i would like to earn more, i try and charge a little less that others in my area.

    I thank them for their booking on extranet.

    I greet them personally on arrival with a welcome drink, while showing them the place to make

    them feel welcome.

    Leave a surprise like a little chocolate on the bed, gift or anything that they wouldnt expect.

    Coffee, tea,handcream, whatever.

    Tell them about your area and what there is to do/events

    After the 1st evening, ask them, if the beds were comfy to sleep on and whether they are

    happy and comfy.

    Then leave them be to their privacy, unless they want to talk to you.

    Greet them once they leave and wish them a safe trip


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    Aitsa Nicoline

    Last, but not least if forgot:

    Cleanliness and tidiness is what the majority of my guests always comment on.

    You have to do this yourself or, check on your staff that they dont cut corners.

    Guests notice this.

    If anything is damaged, fix it immediately so that the next guest dont enter with anything

    that is broken or damaged.

    Hope this was helpful

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    We enjoy adding extra touches, like a welcome letter on their bed with all the information they need to make their stay as seamless as possible. This includes info like the WiFi password.  

    Our rooms are spotless, comfortable and simple.  No clutter.

    We get a lot of repeat guests and keep a record of their preferences - what they do and don't eat, and a little about each person.  We use this information when communicating with our guests and they appreciate the trouble we take to remember their details. 

    We also offer free laundry and ironing for business guests.

    Ladies always appreciate fresh flowers in their rooms.

    I hope this information is helpful.

    Evelyn Alessandri

    Sunset on Cheshire B&B, Cowies Hill, South Africa

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    Merch Gymreig / Welsh Lady

    Be flexible in your approach, we are very, very fortunate to have held on to our 9.9 for the third year running since joining Booking.com

    Offer guests the best you can afford in food, accommodation and time.

    Allow your guests their own space, they will chat if they want to and learn to read when they don't!

    We don't mind going the extra mile, we greet each guest personally, show them their rooms, all rooms have fridges with fresh bottled water that we replenish daily, small milk bottles and ice box with an ice container to make ice cubes; this allows them to put their wine bottles in to cool.

    As we live in an area of outstanding natural beauty we are passionate with regard to the area. If our guests like to walk we will offer them a short shuttle service so that they can walk from A to B without them having to leave their car unattended at a spot. More than willing to fill flasks and make sandwiches if required

    All guests are offered either tea/coffee or a cold drink with home made cakes on arrival. We leave small bite size chocolates in the rooms for them along with magazines and books, a small table top chest with all necessaries that one might forget i.e. needle and thread, plasters, small amount of pain killing tablets (max 4) and feminine necessities..

    Be mindful that their money and time is important to your guests, appreciate that fact and enjoy looking after them. This, I think is what makes people return to us – sometimes up to four times a year and of course we are grateful to them for having faith in us and what we have to offer.



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    The keys to great reviews are:

    Understanding the level of service you are willing to provide and clearly advertising what you are to attract the right customers. We supply a very niche market, no cooking self catered apartments that are slightly difficult to find, in one of the busiest tourist regions of the UK. We cannot compete directly with hotels or bed and breakfasts nor can we compete with cottage/house holidays. However we are situated in an area of remarkable culinary and artistic creativity and there is no reason to spend all day cooking. By clearly describing our services and limitations to guests on booking and allowing free cancellation if they cancel straight away, we only get the guests who love what we provide. 


    We are lucky to be a family business with good local knowledge, and we ensure that every guest gets a full welcoming. If you supply anything larger than a room with a bed there will be quirks or instructions that are best explained in person. So we walk our guests all the way through the apartment and explain anything that needs it. For some guests this might be your only interaction and chance to leave an impression so DO NOT WASTE IT! Use it to find out their plans, some guests like privacy and wont share and that is fine. But most people have no plans and have not been to the area before and need guidance, so make sure you know what the area has to offer and always supply a variety as budgets vary. Make yourself an indispensable source for your guests and they will keep coming back to you. On a side note, we live on site with our guests but are known both for our privacy and hospitality. That's why the initial interaction is so important, we project openness and tell them that we are always available, however, after the first day we do not initiate contact we wait for them to come to us and respect their space otherwise. 


    CLEANLINESS, CLEANLINESS, CLEANLINESS, is the most important aspect of your guests stay. So important I will say it again, CLEANLINESS! We use a minimalist design that guests love but we do it so we can deep clean every surface after every stay. In a modern world of virus's and allergies to name a few, people value cleanliness more than they realise. We early on got a reputation for the cleanest apartments around and straight away whenever people arrived at a dirty accommodation they came to us! Like I said before, our apartments are niche but a spotless room forgives a lot. 


    Krissie's has been providing luxuriously furnished no cooking/self catered apartments for five years and has maintained an average of 9.5 or greater for that time. 


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    13 Bees

    Don't focus just on price!

    If you think about you, your place, your team (if you have one) and the memories you help to create, they will be different - and hopefully better - than the memories other stays will create within guests.  So why try to homogenise your business and your offering by leading on price?

    Instead, pay attention to what goes on in your locale and price accordingly; either above or below for promotions, but never settle on average.  If you do - and excuse me Booking.com - but the search engines suck all the added value out of your offer.

    Not every guest is looking for the cheapest price!  Just great value for the memories you are helping to create.

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    Hello fellow owners and operators.  How lovely to read about what you all do to make guests feel welcome!  Feels like we all have alot in common loving people.

    Upon booking we send our guests a map, a list of activities in the area to prebook like Great White Cage diving, Whale watching trips as well as a list of restaurants.  They also receive a note thanking them for choosing us.  I think the obvious is cleanliness, politeness and generally making them feel welcome upon arrival.  However if your establishment is bed and breakfast only we do have specific booking in times.  If they miss this we give guests a key code with instructions as to where there rooms is.  We also leave instructions in the rooms about the local area, safe, wifi codes, cable chanel and emergency numbers. 

    We pop a chocolate daily on their pillow.  Always use the best white 100 % cotton and use fabulous local but chic products in the bathrooms.  Leave the classical music on in the bedrooms tv on arrival.

    On departure we give them a memento beaded key ring representative on the name of our guest establishment which also provides a job for a local beader.

    From Sunny Simon's Town. South Africa. Penguin Palace

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    There is no secret for guest reviews. What I suggest is try and make guests as they are friends of you and help them enjoy their vacation and their time spent in the villa, so they will remember their vacations at your villa as one of the best they have visited.

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    Treat your guests as you would a good friend without being familiar - This creates a strong bond and gives them a sense of belonging. Accommodate your guests needs - Everyone feels more comfortable with familiar things and actions so try to accommodate those. Ensure that guest's space is of the highest standard - Next to cleanliness, nice décor and surroundings creates a sense of wellbeing. Advertise honestly so as not to create false expectations - When guests tell you that their experience was everything they imagined from your website you will know that you did it right.

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