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    Rates & Availability > Calendar > click drop down under Net booked >Minimum advance reservation.

    I hope this could help :)

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    Graham Fisher

    I think you have to define "last minute" Iva.... I have our availability cancelled midday for the following day, but using the system TCL gives above, you could call "last minute" 7 days before arrival....

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    Hello people,

    Excuse me, but where is that "rates and availability" option?

    Thanx, Zharko

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    Please Help!

    I do not have a the option of modifying minimum advance reservation under 'net booked'.  Can anyone help.  Is there any other way??  I really need more notification of bookings.



  • Dear Gilly,

    You need to ask BDC to activate that for you. Otherwise it's not readily available in the extranet.

    Don't know why it's like that, but yeah, BDC policy.

    Best regards,

    Zsolt - www.thuild.com

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