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    You can't change someone's opinion completely or make a poor review go away. You should however respond to all negative reviews, addressing the general guest population in order that future readers are better informed. E.g. guest review says price had changed on there arrival - answer pointing out when and why prices vary, e.g. time of year or number of guests arrived. E.g. guest says room specification was incorrect - respond stating how many kinds of room you have and that diffent room types have different facilities. 

    Also it is in your interest to ask all you happy guests to leave a review. Many good reviews will belittle the occasional negative one. 

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    Sometimes it can be hard to respond to every review on all the sites we work with (Tripadvisor, and Expedia) but I do reply to almost all  our reviews. I find that it shows our guests we care. It also personalizes their experience and helps with getting repeat customers. If I remember anything personal about them i.e. they were here for a birthday or anniversary I make sure to include that in my comment. There was couple of times I had Tripadvisor remove reviews because one was from a disgruntle former employee and another guest who had nasty comments that crossed the line of abusive. 

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    I try to respond to all reviews. When responding try to keep to the facts if someone has raised an issue. Some guests invent situations and opinions and blatantly make statements which are factually incorrect. For example: in the middle of summer one guest stated there was no Air Con, when in fact there was. The same guest also made a statement that there was no electric blanket on the bed and that you would get cold. This is also incorrect, all our beds have an electric blanket. But what I can't fathom is why the guest wanted to be cool and hot at the same time. So yes I answer and sometimes in detail.

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    Anil Farmhouse

    For genuine negative reviews, it is important to give a patient and non aggressive reply since many a times it does happen that we are at fault, specially during peak dates, chances are there that something goes wrong. Most of the guests rely on reviews before booking a hotel and if the management has replied to a negative review with consideration, it changes the perception of the potential customer and makes them more likely to book. Cause it shows that you do care about your shortcomings and are willing to improve and have taken care that such a scene would not happen again.

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    The Fact is, that the Hotel is subject to blatant non applicable comments, that are biased and no doubt can be presented by a guest who may be mentaly stable. Or as put by another a review made to discredit an establishment for reasons known only to the review subscriber, I would feel a lot more hapier, if first present the review to the hotel, for comment, prior to publishing it on the Internet. This procedure would perhaps alleviate contention and give both parties, the chance to exchange constructive points without predjudice. If Criticism is warranted, then at least it can be agreed on. Im all for constructive comment that can lead to improvement, in fact we encourage guests to speak thier minds, if unhappy about any aspects while staying here. What I do find annoying is reviews,  that are presented where a resolve could have been  actioned at the time of thier stay. 

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