Easy way to set minimum stays for weekends?

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    Create a "promotion" there you can set rates and conditions and specify which days of the week and which weeks of the day the new rates and conditions apply to

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    Enquiries Swansea2stay

    Doh! Didn't even think to look there. Thank you!

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    Leandri Klopper

    Hi there,

    Oh boy, the one nighters can become quite a problem. 

    My property works literally 3 nights min over weekends and 4 nights min during the week and it took me about 3 months of Trial and Error to find the best way to go about stopping guests from booking less/more nights than I can accommodate. 

    I phoned Booking.com and they added the No Arrivals and No Departures tool to my calender. And it works Wonders! So if you want them to stay at least two nights ( Friday night and Saturday night) then you just Block Arrivals and Departures for Saturday. You can then also play with the Exact stay option, but I've come to love and trust the No Arrivals and No Departures tools. 

    Hope this also helps, best of luck!

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    if you go to your calendar, you can adjust minimum night stay for each room you have 

    if you click on your standard rate box, you can adjust the minimum length of stay as well as if you want to open your room to extra guest (with extra fee)


    Hope this helps, I find it very easy to use

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    Leandri, that's a great thing no arrival and no departures. But I can't fin it in Extranet. Where you set this up? 

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    Leandri Klopper

    Hi again Spicyk271979 ,

    Sorry for my delayed response. 

    It will be on your Calendar. So if you go into your calendar, on the drop down list on the left side you should be able to see it. If however if it's not there, send a message to Booking.com and ask them for the two tools to be added to your calendar. (That's what I did).

    It should look like this if you have it:

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    Leandri Klopper

    Thanks Mariedaudin! , that idea will also work for you Spicyk271979 . With the Block Arrivals and Block Departures tool you can just control better when exactly you don't want people coming in and out of your property. 

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