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  • This is totally up to us to do if we wish. But how will you identify who is a hotelier and who isn't?

    Without the platform it will be hard.

    Also, if you are a hotelier, why go through the hassle of making commission prone bookings?

    If we would have complex profiles here, then maybe you can search for the location of the hotelier's properties and ask them directly.

    Zsolt - 

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    Hi Zsolt,

    Wouldn't we just use our Names and BDC ID numbers?

    There are lots of other companies doing this and it is very popular.

  • Hello Torrdarach,

    Many use it, yes, however this is BDC, not everything is normal here.

    Also, only they can verify if the name and ID match. Then how can a hotelier tell who is he hosting?

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    Hi Zsolt, 

    If BDC would create a page especially for this!

  • Yes, however this doesn't really bring them any business, so I doubt it that they would be inclined to do such things.

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    Thats true, but don't you think that we pay them enough already to do something for us.

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    Well they give me for what I am paying them. Lots of bookings. 

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    We'd rather another hotelier reserved directly with us.


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