how do you validate real bookings

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    Hi Richard,

    All our resrvations require a deposit of some value raging from 10% up to 100% depending on the terms and conditions of the reservation, the time of year, room type etc. Deposits are always charged at the moment of making the reservation and if we are unable to charge the deposit and the guest fails to supply updated card details then we cancel the reservation. This removes most 'no-show' guests within 24 hours of making the reservation.

    Hope this helps

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    Hi Richard

    You can pre authorise the card to the value of the booking or take a deposit of the first night this usually shows up bogus bookings, or if the card is stolen.

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    -you can pre authorize the credit card for the first night.

    -if the pre authorization didn't go through , you can mark the card as invalid through the extranet with one or two hours you will have the access to cancel the booking if the customer didn't updated another card. 

    -you can call the customer to reconfirm the booking special on the peak days.

    -you have the option of 06:00 pm release.



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    Hey Richard

    you can call the guest after he books any room in your hotel. Just tell them that they have to pay some amount in advance to confirm the booking as per reservation policy of your hotel or it will be a tentative booking only and we won’t be able to hold 5he room any more. Tell them you confirm booking on advance payment and first come first serve basis. If they don’t pay any advance just cancel the booking.

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    Fiona & Justin Murphy

    Hi Richard - we charge a 30% deposit, which is refundable if they cancel within a certain period both through and our own website.  You can also do a pre-authorise on the credit card to check that it is valid. Definitely worth doing to make sure they are genuine bookings. Hope this helps :)

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