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  • Good Afternoon Kato, 

    We are using Nightsbridge and we love it, user friendly and great online service. 


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    I would love to find a channel manager that allows an unlimited number of OTAs without charging extra

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    Hi there,

    We use Freetobook for our bookings and we love it. It has by far the best overview and the simplest usability. 


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    we are using the WebHotelier, and it is really good and practic.


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    Hi Kato,
    We use ResOnline, we find it very easy to set-up and use. The plugin integrates easily onto your own website. Customer service is second to none- you can even phone and talk to a real person. Email help desk tickets are usually dealt with overnight. Very happy with the results. Have a look on our website, and if you need any further information please contact me. 

    Our booking page:

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    Whitley Coach House

    We use Freetobook and they are fantastic to deal with, friendly, helpful and have a robust system. I five years we have never had a double booking.

    Look at our site: www.whitleycoachhouse.co.uk

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    Whitley Coach House

    Freetobook's card processing payments are actually very good Royalclarencehotel.com I would revisit using them again.

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    we are using hotellogix and is convenient


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    Jessie & Jay (B&B in Canada)

    We have are a new B&B this year (2018).  For a Channel Manager we are using Cloudeds.com which includes the MyAllocator booking engine.  We requested the free demo which was very insightful.   It was easy to set up. After working through the initial set up a cloudbeds rep called me and went over the the set to ensure it was done correctly.  We are very happy so far and the contract agreement we have is that it is a flat fee per month, billed monthly or annually, regardless of how many of the supported OTA's we connect to.  It is more than just a channel manager and booking engine.  The only negative is that they do not offer direct phone support.  Tickets are submitted and answered quickly.  If the situation warrants it they will call you for quicker resolution.  They offer a free 30 day trial. You can request a free demo of their system where an sales rep will show via a webinar how their features and how their system works.  If you really curious you can also, without signing up, go their support site you can learn almost everything about their system.    www.cloudbeds.com

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    The Angel Hotel

    We run a 24 bedroom boutique hotel and currently use Winner Web Hotel.

    It is vast in it's functions but complicated in it's ease of use.

    I have so far looked at Little hotelier, which is good an easy to use but probably suited to a bigger hotel.

    Room raccoon, which is a new companies software very easy to use but lacking some options.They take requests for their software team and update with the features for you.

    Innstyle, Which is very very cheap and utilizes site minder, so you are compatible with all the Expedia and booking agents. Has a simple and easy to use interface with great functionality.

    The best i found so far is High Level Software, they have an almost 24 hour support team that you can call that are all knowledgeable in the software, they will train new members of staff into the future for no extra cost and the website intergration is the best i've seen (addons , late check in fee's e.t.c)

    It also looks great in every way.

    Hope this helps 

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    I have been using EZEE solutions for a year and it is far from EZEE.  Lots of little glitches that make it unwieldy and it is not at all intuitive.  I like the calendar configuration, I have gotten used to its idiosyncrasies, but I would not recommend it.  

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    Yves Ducommun

    Good morning everyone,

    We've been using Nightsbridge for the past 7 years, but we've come across some issues and it has it's limits.

    There is this new PMS/CM company that is coming quite aggressively on the South African Market: Room Raccon. Like always, it looks great from the salesman's perspective, but I would like to know what are it's limits and/or glitches if any from the end user.

    Thank you for your valued input on the matter.

    Wishing you all a great weekend / Yves

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    Laura, Community Manager

    Still looking for channel manager recommendations? This thread might also help you :)

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    I use Nightsbridge and they are very good

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    We have been using Siteminder since it was introduced, great product with a flat fee and wide range of channels to connect including GDS. Great support and integration with a wide range of PMS as well

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    There are way so many channel manager softwares around... What would you go for? friendly user? cost expense? Would you recommend a channel manager to a 6 bedroom guest house?

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    Yves Ducommun

    Dear Claire-Louise,

    Thanks for your feedback. As much as I was also very happy with NightsBridge at the beginning, I started picking up issue a couple of years back. I escalated to NB Management, but non avail.I can understand that all systems have their pros & cons, but they showed no interest in addressing any.(cf listed hereunder)

    I am currently looking very closely at Site Minder / Little Hotelier (same company). I just have to get over the pricing factor, as it's more than double the price I am currently paying, but if it's bringing double the bookings, then hey...

    Best regards 

    List of issues with NB:

    • Click & drag option for bookings: this is a “windows” approach, and it would be far easier to click and drag on a booking as oppose to having to open the booking, change the in/out days and the room,
    • Guest photo attached to bookings. We could have a small ID block where one could copy & paste either a webcam picture taken at reception, or a copy from the web (ie:Facebook profile pic). That  would help us putting a  face on a name,
    • Child rate: linked to the yearly rate sheets to avoid discrepancies for bookings outside the period,
    • One rate sheet and all other special rates are linked to this ONLY main sheet (iso Rack, STO & specials rate sheets). We’d just need to inter one rate sheet for each season, and if STO is –10%, then whichever entity has access to STO rates, would get the right rate, without us having to yet insert a second STO rate sheet,
    • Scroll down menu for “extras” pricing,
    • Paybridge: issued to “made by” field iso guest name,
    • Most OTA, info migrating within “Booking Notes” are all irrelevant as all redundant,
    • Bookings made through the “login” should be more flexible and not only designed for travel agents (ie: consultant is irrelevant to me),
    • Specials via NB should be as flexible as what most OTA offer. In being so limited, we’re shooting ourselves in the foot whereby prices on OTA are cheaper than the ones on our own site. Unfair!
    • Misleading booking confirmation the guest gets when making an online booking through NB, even if no deposit has been secured! That lead to an incident that could have had serious consequences for us
    • Same day bookings delay between SMS and email to retrieve credit card details. – Guests arrives before the email from Nightsbridge.
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    Hotel-Spider is the best if you ask me

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    myallocator, simple, cheap and reliable.

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    Kato Dool Nubian House

    thanks a lot for the recommendations 

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    We use Rentals United, but we also have a dedicated booking system that we use for our own website so RU are a great way of bridging the gap and marrying everything up together and everything appears in our main back office. It's not perfect but we do use a more convoluted set up than some and it gets us a lot of exposure. It depends how complex you want to get; you could just use the channels as they are and sync all of the calendars if you wanted to keep it simple but prevent double bookings. A lot of it also depends how technically minded you are as it can be daunting when you are looking around with so much choice.

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    Definetly you have to checkout Nuevah ! (http://www.nuevahospitality.com/)

    I have been working with it in a few hotels (30 rooms) and some vacation rentals for almost 4 years and its really great. The UI is intuitive, the system is quite cheap (they don't charge % commissions, it's a flat fee) and the customer support is amazing, they really help you out a lot! Check it out, hope it helps! 

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    The Booking Factory, clean, crisp and modern interface. Also decent live chat support.

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    Yves Ducommun

    OMG! There's such a wide range of PMS/CM... and the more reply or suggestions I read, the more confusing it becomes!...

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    Luciano (Lou)

    We are new to the holiday rental business and only have 3 apartments listed with Booking.com, Airbnb and Homeaway. Unfortunately with Airbnb we had some bad double booking experiences, therefore we thinking about going with Nueva.

    Any advice welcome, please

    Thanking you


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    Kato Dool Nubian House

    i recommend sirvoy for u

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    I have 8 rooms in a guest house. Currently with Booking.com, Expedia and AirBnB. I need a channel manager, but so much choice out there! Plus I tried Hotel Runner on a trial....customer service was VERY bad. Any help greatly appreciated

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    I am Using Currently myAllocator by Cloudbeds. They are very good customer service Recommended. 

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    I'm renting out 5 bedroom villa, selling on BDC, Agoda, Expedia, Airbnb, Flipkey and have some direct relations with rental agencies who have their own logins to check my rates, discounts and availability in real time with instant booking facility, which helps me to avoid tons of calls from the monthly. Effective Tours channel manager charges me 5$ per month for it, and I'm completely satisfied with it.

    They also provides me a payment gateway to collect advance payments from the guests, which helps me to avoid no-shows and last minute cancellations.

    Now they are offering a 6 month free trial, so it really worth to try.

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